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The current mayor of Miraflores, Carlos Canales, decided to cancel the smart city project, thus losing the district all its benefits.

On May 17, 2022, almost two years ago, the municipality of Miraflores signed an agreement to implement the Smart City project. An integrated system with interconnected cameras and state-of-the-art technology will significantly improve urban traffic and citizen safety. The smart system includes video surveillance gates, license plate reading cameras, parking sensors, smart traffic lights, radars for speed control and electronic traffic control linked to police stations and biometric cameras to identify suspects.

Almost two years later, however, insecurity remains widespread and traffic in Miraflores is chaotic.

The current mayor of Miraflores, Carlos Canales, decided to cancel the Smart City project, thus losing the district all its benefits. Why did he do it? According to the Mayor, due to non-availability of platform and OCI (Corporate Control Organisation) recommended cancellation of the contract.

However, the mayor's statements during the council meeting about the smart city project were false.

First, according to reliable sources, they explain that the project in question „has a platform integrated with artificial intelligence belonging to Miraflores, which will put the district at the forefront of citizen security and smart urban mobility.” And that observation was never made during the handover. The system „includes interconnected biometric cameras, traffic violation detection cameras, speed cinemameters, special traffic lights, flashing intersections, parking sensors, fiber optics, servers with analytics, SOS posts and everything integrated into one big brain” . Secondly, because OCI does not have the power to demand cancellation of the contract. The OCI “recommends only the initiation of proceedings to disclaim liability regarding the content of the work certificate issued by the winning consortium.

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The mayor decided not to go ahead with the smart city project and rent fiber optics and cameras at a higher cost. The beneficiary company is WIN Empresas, which won the award of the lease agreement during the current administration. It allowed the installation of 92 kilometers of aerial fiber, which violates Ordinance 554, which prohibits the laying of aerial cables. A request that the previous administration denied because it conflicted with the „clean skies” policy.

Coincidentally, the manager of information systems and technologies appointed by the current municipal administration is Luis Álvaro Quintanilla Fernández, who previously worked for a year and a half as business development manager in technologies at ColaborAcción PE, which is connected to optical networks. Now called WIN Empresas. WIN Empresas requested the cancellation of the Smart City selection process in 2021.

Had the Smart City project continued, the municipality of Miraflores would have saved rents of S/. 8 million per annum for assets worth S/. 10 million has been purchased. Miraflores will have its own 14 km of fiber optics and 3 pipelines, which will be operational within a year. Since that was not done, now S/. 22.7 million in services and equipment for two years on rent, unlike own equipment that the municipality could have purchased.

The municipality's strategy is WIN-WIN, but not for Miraflorino's neighbors.

Arbitrary and case

On April 3, 2023, through Mayoral Resolution N 094-2023-A/MM, the municipality declared the contract signed with the Austrian-Spanish CKCITY consortium to be invalid. This vacuum is provided with a technical evaluation. This affected the district considering that the contract was already 60% advanced. Absence of sufficient motivation to cancel the contract in the aforesaid decision amounts to arbitrary and capriciousness. This may lead to a suit for issuing a misdemeanor administrative law or some other sanction. Obviously, it will be paid out of the pocket of Miraflores neighbors.

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