Dark theme, tools, visual responses and more

Bart is released so that we all can use it and compete with ChatGPT with many new features.

BART I/O 2023 evolves to become Google’s flagship AI service.

This was said by Google employees „Bart was worse than useless” Recognizing that His birth was prematureObviously, though, Google isn’t going to sit idly by Your premier AI serviceThis Google I/O 2023 took advantage of the connection between DeepMind and the teams the brain Aging from Google, Gives us a lot of news and opens up to the whole world If the waiting list is removed, we can try it.

Actually, let’s start there, because Google has announced that Bart will be available (almost immediately) in more than 180 countriesAnd you can directly access the service from the following link, Currently working in English But very soon in Japanese and Korean with all its variations, And about 40 additional languages will be included.

Here you can try Google’s smart chatbot 'Part’

Google insists, yes, that For them, Bart is still an experimentSo we should test it with caution Do not take it as a substitute for your search engineIt will now continue to be Mountain View’s core business.

What is clear in this Important note A highlight of I/O 2023 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, that is Bard is Google’s flagship AI service Adding many new things, such as new ways to export text to Docs and Gmail, Visual responsesA dark mode, Integration with web services OpenTable or Imaging Powered by Adobe.

There are many innovations, so let’s take a look at them, because there is a lot to say with Bard… Let’s go there!

Bart is smart thanks to Balm 2

A few minutes ago, that was the truth Part of the Bart update A new language model is available in PalM 2 More powerful and efficient With support for more than 100 languages.

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This expansion Let the bard become wiser, improving their ability to arrive at correct reasoning and provide more correct general answers. Likewise, it makes possible the presence of Bart Especially good at mathematical queries and programmingAble to understand, debug and interpret code in more than 20 languages.

It was very surprising See the code in action explaining it accuratelySo here we leave you of the video Important note So you can see it directly:

Bard gets visual questions and answers

Google has also announced Integration of lens into part serviceSo from now on we can send images to the computer so that the AI ​​can recognize objects, animals, plants or people, Can ask visual questions as „Write a funny text about these two” When you show him a photo of some dogs.

Google Lens will analyze the image and when identifying elements Bart will be responsible for writing us appropriate responses to the information received In the picture sent. It’s almost magic. Unbelievable.

And more, more Visual responses are added to the bar Some appear similar to Google queries, which can display images of a specific site or Including personalized, illustrated lists of places of interest If we ask a city.

Google Android gets a makeover at I/O 2023: dark theme, tools, visual responses and more

Bart can „see” our concerns and respond with images.

Adobe Firefly will soon let you create images with Bard

In this transition chatbot It seems that Bart would be an excellent student because You can create images directly with Adobe Firefly technology will be integrated into the service.

Is this accurate? A bitter rival Give it to her Y MidwayAmong other things, it advertises the highly ethical nature of his practice, so let’s see if it works within the bard as we hope.

Google Android gets a makeover at I/O 2023: dark theme, tools, visual responses and more

Adobe Firefly will be integrated into the Part functionality.

A new dark mode and many other integrations and „tools”

In all developments related to code and programming, Google has developed a new dark mode for Bard This will allow the code to be read more comfortably, something programmers in that space will appreciate.

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In addition, all these integrations include Adobe Firefly More to be announced „tools”As Google calls it, So the bard can communicate with the internet As ChatGPT currently does.

Let’s look at it this way Direct restaurant reservations By Open Table Or possible Order food through Instagramamong others.

Actually, it is Bard will be integrated into almost all Google apps and servicesFrom third parties, too Export text to Gmail and Google Docs By asking AI to write us an email, for example asking for a link from our list or externally about any topic.

Google Android gets a makeover at I/O 2023: dark theme, tools, visual responses and more

The new version of Bard is more intelligent and more capable.

So there is no doubt about it Bart is growing and is already Google’s most important AI service, Mountain View will now treat it as an experiment, even if they are cautious. Anyway, now Its function is very high and its possibilities are very interestingNo matter how much the search engine giant recommends that you continue to use its search engine and not replace it with Bard.

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