These are the only professional skills that cannot be replaced by technology

The only thing technologies like AI cannot replace are the virtues of human thought: creativity, ethics, and critical thinking.

Science, technology, marketing and data are the fuel of modernity. There is a very high demand for positions in these areas in Latin American companies, so there are not enough professionals to cover it. According to a recent study by Experis, this was said by 34% of recruiters.

However, at the same time, soft skills are also in high demand, putting an end to latent concerns about whether AI will displace the human factor in the world of work.

„The current period marked by the digital age requires humanities knowledge more than ever,” says Dr. María Ruiz Ortiz, director of the Humanities Degree Program at the International University of Valencia and an expert in cultural history and digital humanities, of Planeta Farmacien. Universities. „The humanities allow us as individuals to develop a broader, cross-sectional, and deeper understanding of the complex world in which we are immersed.”

The Importance of Humanity in a Digital World

Technological progress brings with it a greater ethical responsibility that large developers and multinational corporations are aware of. The good use of technology we make depends on it, and every piece of technology has a mission to humanize development.

Hence the importance of a humanistic approach to be implemented not only in institutions but also in education, as well as proving humanism as a professional profile, has much to contribute.

„As an organic and holistic discipline, the humanities contribute to the strengthening of soft skills, critical, divergent thinking, abstraction at different levels, because they are the skills most needed by companies,” explains the expert of the International University. Valencia’s..

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Creativity, critical thinking, perceptive skills, critical thinking skills, curiosity and the desire to understand the human condition will become additional values ​​contributing to the new fields and roles of the technological era.

„The humanities are impersonal, so they become very valuable to anyone who approaches them to expand their knowledge,” adds the university spokesperson.

Humanity in today’s world of work

You can study humanities and get a good job. It all depends on the chosen career focus and how it perceives the world outside the classroom.

„The key to making the humanities an attractive professional option is to develop and adapt educational programs to the needs of a globalized and technological society,” explains the Director of Humanities Degrees at the International University of Valencia. „In my experience, we try to give our students the knowledge and tools to work in fields as diverse as technology, the arts, and collaboration and international relations.”

Well-focused humanities are easily transferable to any professional area, allowing you to navigate the job market with ease. That’s why it’s important not to ignore the outside labor market.

„You have to teach how to create a professional itinerary from the first course, adapted to the qualities of each student,” concludes Dr. Maria Ruiz Ortiz. „In this way, today’s humanists can project a promising future for themselves.”

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