Canadian company YULCOM Technologies has won a contract to provide financial technology services to VISIONAMOS TECNOLOGÍA.

Bogot DC, Colombia, July 5, 2023 /CNW/ – Under this contract won by YULCOM, the Canadian company will provide Professional services for modernization of VIRTUALCOOP financial center platform. An interdisciplinary team with expertise in big data, cloud and IT engineering will be responsible for performing the analysis and developing a subsequent work plan for the project.

This project will allow VISIONAMOS TECNOLOGÍA SA to use the benefits of improving its platform, including stronger support and documentation, increased scalability and performance, seamless integration with new IT environments, access to a wide range of libraries and tools and ease of access. Information.

„YULCOM brings expertise in the implementation of digital solutions for the financial sector. This project is a great challenge that will allow us to share our expertise with VISIONAMOS TECNOLOGÍA SA YULCOM, providing highly qualified personnel to continuously develop its platform,” said Youmani Jérôme LANKOANDÉ. , Chairman and CEO of YULCOM.

The entire YULCOM team is delighted with the trust VISIONAMOS TECNOLOGÍA SA has placed in them.


VISIONAMOS TECNOLOGÍA SA is a strategic partner in information technology, providing technical and operational capabilities to VISIONAMOS ASPBV, which manages the only low-cost payment system of a cooperative nature in the country.

The two organizations jointly operate the Coopcentral Network, which aims to unify the cooperative and solidarity sector technically, operationally and transactionally. Products and services of the sector.


YULCOM Technologies is a multinational consulting firm in IT, systems integration and artificial intelligence solutions. Montreal. YULCOM specializes in web design, software development, web packages and web and mobile applications. It helps its clients integrate the best digital technologies and improve their business processes in the US, Europe, Africa And Asia.

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For more information: Luis Caron, Program Director, [email protected]1500 Du College, Suite 400 Montreal, QC, H4L 5G6 Canada, Tel: 514 375 6190

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