What technologies will help you fulfill your New Year's resolutions?

Was one of your goals at the beginning of the year to lead a more active lifestyle or to be quiet sometimes? In order not to leave everything halfway, we recommend this technology to help you achieve your goals.

These are alternatives such as smartwatches, platforms to organize yourself better, and apps that track well-being.


If you want to start a more active lifestyle, you can use the latest generation of smart watches from famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Google and Garmin. They not only help measure your physical activity, but also record other parameters like your blood oxygen level, sleep quality and stress level.

The recently released Apple Watch is already a very viable option for those within California's borders, for example, while other brands do well with Android owners.

Don't forget to check out what fitness trackers and smart bands have to offer, as they may be enough to get you started on a healthy path.

Until today

It seems like a very simple thing to achieve, but as days go by the habit of organization becomes more and more lost.

These lines don't diminish the importance of to-do sites like Apple Reminders, Google Keep, Microsoft To Do, Any.do, and Todoist. On the contrary, they are very effective.

We believe that having a well-structured calendar is the first step towards maximum organization. Therefore, you should first download Google Calendar, which allows you to add events to create tasks, so that you once understand which activities need to be tackled first.


Finding peace has become essential in our current society, and best of all you can start anytime, practically anywhere.

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Some of the apps that help you with this purpose are Calm, which defines itself as the world's first app for meditation and sleep; Pura Mende, which offers access to more than 300 guided meditations, and Headspace, which is „your personal guide to health and happiness.”

Fabulous deserves a special mention: „It can help you increase your energy levels, focus more, lose weight and sleep better.” The app offers scientific exercises and sessions to combat stressful thoughts.

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