BYD is a leader in technology and innovation

September 24, 2023, 9:00 am

September 24, 2023, 9:00 am

BYD is the largest manufacturer of new energy mobility in the global market, with a portfolio of products ranging from family vehicles to railway infrastructure, guaranteed and backed by Crown. The brand has a stand at Xpress 2023.

„With BYD, we want to create a sustainable future based on the electrification of the vehicle fleet in Bolivia to reconnect with nature and breathe fresh air,” they point out from Crown.

BYD is an active company that is constantly developing new technologies. A clear example of this constant innovation is the battery currently incorporated into the 3.0 platform called BLADE. A battery based on lithium, iron, phosphate (LiFePO4) with high energy density is the most important characteristic of being highly resistant to damage and degradation, said Ariel Serrano, brand manager of BYD Bolivia.

BYD electric vehicles offer advantages such as zero emissions of polluting gases, less environmental impact, savings in fuel costs, maintenance and advanced energy management technologies for greater efficiency.

Also, BYD is involved in technological innovation projects beyond electric vehicles. “Being one of the leading suppliers of consumer electronics, BYD is present in many everyday products that we use every day. In addition, it has a division focused on renewable energies, whose main product is high-efficiency photovoltaic panels and small, medium and large-scale storage systems,” commented Serrano.

“On Sunday the 24th, at night, the new movement will be inaugurated. In this case, it’s a 100% electric drive, a more compact drive than we currently have, and focused on a more youthful segment. We hope it will be a turning point in Bolivia,” said the brand manager.

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