Personal relationships are being replaced by technology: Grupo Milenio expert

The Technological era Personal relationships have changed due to the advent of social networks and platforms that allow messages to be sent and instant responses, this change, Facilitated human interaction; However, this leaves users' identity, integrity and security in suspense.

Lacking commitment, reliability and honesty, young people have taken refuge in long-distance relationships, which represent risks, emotional problems and trust.

Through any device connected to the Internet, you can meet people from anywhere, communicate and consolidate friendships and loving relationships. CaesarA young man from Puebla who crossed the Americas AliceHis online girlfriend, whom he has only seen twice in a video call, decides to travel alone and meet the people he points out is the love of his life.

Romantic Relationships | Melanie Torres

With uncertainty, fear and anxiety, Caesar took that flight to meet his partner for the first time.

„The desire to be with someone pushed me to leave, I was always afraid, but it was like, what has to happen, I leave. I was, in quotes, confident; „I already knew the person through a video call,” he told Multimedia Puebla. .

The young man had a wonderful vacation with his girlfriend, and after a few months, Their relationship ended Arguably, this leaves Pablano Travel debt, broken hearts and trouble reconnecting In love with another person.

Romantic Relationships | Melanie Torres

Pillars of Relationship

An example from home is the best strategy for young people to have a different perspective on what love is, a couple, a meeting, emotional responsibility and how to apply them to another person, the opinion of the famous University Autonomous Psychologist above Puebla State (UPEB), Yvonne Estela Martínez.

„Internet communication has greatly changed the way we maintain and establish loving relationships, we can see an advantage in the closeness, immediacy of always being in touch with a loved one … but with this difficulties, consequences and risks must be considered,” he noted.

The pillars of a relationship are not exposing yourself to risks, but providing trust, respect and honesty, as well as establishing rules and mutual agreements, he concluded.

Romantic Relationships | Melanie Torres


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