Bigg Boss Telugu 7: New contestants enter the house as Gautham Krishna’s re-entry brings a shocking twist.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Gautham Krishna made a spectacular re-entry into the house after a surprising double elimination twist. His re-entry into the house has sparked emotions, clashes and unexpected revelations from the contestants.

Gautham had a completely different outlook on domestic relations before being sent to the secret chamber. He observed how the contestants formed groups and played in the secret room. He took every advantage of being sent to the Chamber of Secrets after his fake elimination.

Re-entry into Gautham’s house

After being sent to the hidden room, Gautham kept a keen eye on the dynamics of the house, watching each contestant in particular. As he entered the house with a heated exchange, he called out some of the participants for their deceptive behavior, saying they had flaunted their seniority and ignored him.

„Do you want to come?” Gautham re-entered the Bigg Boss house shouting, „Aswathama is back” comparing himself to Aswathama.

„They put a honey-coated knife down his throat,” said Gautham. While Gautham is telling the housemates that this Ashwatthama will never die, all the contestants are surprised to see him in the house once again. Surprised, Gautama went straight to Shivaji and said, „Shivanna.. you said something yesterday.. Gautama can’t pass the time anymore, isn’t entertainment meant to wander around with your pants off?” said. Gautam questioned Shivaji.

Shivaji’s reply to Gautam

Shivaji was pained by Gautam’s question. “You said in front of them that undressing is a pastime. I have done 100 films without clothes… I am an actor, I can do anything,” Sivaji got into a verbal fight with Gautam.

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„Everything is known 24 hours a day,” said Gautham indirectly, as if he had seen the contents of the house from a secret room.

  1. Ambati Arjun is an Indian film and television actor.
  2. Ashwini Sri is an actress and internet sensation.
  3. Boleh Shawali is a music composer, composer and playback singer.
  4. Pooja Murthy is a television actress.
  5. Naini Bhavani is a dancer and social media influencer.

Bigg Boss has decided to name the wild card contestants as 'Podugallu’ and the previous housemates as 'Aadakallu’. The show started with the new housemates Podugallu nominating two contestants from Aadagallu for nominations.

While Sandeep and Teja got two votes each, Amardeep was leading the nomination with four votes. Shobha Shetty and Prince Yawar got one vote each.

The turmoil intensified when Ashwini was nominated by Shoba Shetty, who accused him of promoting groupthink and manipulating other participants. Ashwini broke down in tears after a heated argument between Shobha Shetty. Tension reached its peak in the Bigg Boss house as these disagreements erupted.

The latest dramatic episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 saw new contestants enter the house, adding more excitement and drama to the already intense reality show. Just when the audience thought they had seen it all, Gautham made a surprise entry into the house. It remains to be seen how these new developments will affect the dynamics within the house and what twists and turns await the contestants.

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