The popular WWE star feels excited to punch Dominic Mysterio in the face on RAW

Dominic Mysterio could have punched his face this Monday on WWE RAW. The Judgment Day member is one of the most hated WWE Superstars today, and most people want to punch him in the jaw.

Last week, Mysterio ran into one of the most hated men in wrestling, Logan Paul. The two harass Samantha Irvine, and Paul can’t stop bragging about defeating Ricochet at SummerSlam. Irwin and Ricochet are a real-life couple who are currently engaged.

Ricochet came to the rescue and rained down punches on the social media star. Dirty Dom gets hit with a punch to the face and a knee for his troubles. It was later announced that Ricochet would go one-on-one with the NXT North American Champion this Monday on RAW.

The former Intercontinental and United States Champion couldn’t contain his excitement at getting the chance to punch Dominic Mysterio. He tweeted on Sunday:

„Tomorrow I will punch @DomMysterio35 in his face. So it’s a good day everyone!”

It should be noted that Monday’s matchup between Ricochet and Dirty Dome was the first televised matchup against each other. This year they faced each other five times in live events.

Dominic Mysterio defends his NXT North American title on Tuesday

Dominic Mysterio will have a busy week as NXT North American Champion. As mentioned above, Mysterio faces Ricochet on Monday night. It’s a difficult task considering that Ricochet wants revenge for disrespecting Samantha Irwin.

If Dirty Dome somehow survives WWE RAW, he will defend his championship against Nathan Fraser at NXT Halloween Havoc on Tuesday. As their feud has heated up over the past few weeks, the two superstars can’t wait to go hand-in-hand with each other.

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Dominic Mysterio is 100 days as NXT North American Champion and counting this year. Mysterio lost the title to Trick Williams at NXT No Mercy last month, but won it back three days later.

What do you think will happen to Dirty Dome this week on Monday and Tuesday? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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