Adds to a low carbon economy

Can you tell our readers a bit about Values ​​and the work it does in the renewables sector?

ValueSkies is a Colombian development company focused on structuring and implementing projects to produce SAF, renewable diesel, green chemistry and second generation particulates with high social and environmental impact.
The company’s approach is to produce low-carbon fuels, also known as renewable hydrocarbons, from carbon loads in MSW that currently reach landfills, as well as agricultural waste and energy crops such as elephant grass.
For over five years, ValueSkies has been designing tailored contracts with municipalities and local governments to improve the management of MSW as a raw material.
The company understands that every country, region and municipality is different and faces unique challenges. Its initiatives not only focus on the conversion of MSW, but also pioneer and innovate the use of agricultural waste and energy crops as raw materials, which not only results in a lower carbon footprint of the end product, but in most cases goes down the line. With community…

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