Lionel Messi keen to revive Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry in Saudi Arabia?

DCompetition between him Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo They went their separate ways with the Portuguese’s departure to Saudi Arabia and Argentina’s decision not to follow him, turning down a million-dollar offer to embark on an adventure. Inter Miami In MLS.

Saudi Arabia has not given up on its dream of having Messi in its league. No longer reachable at Inter Miami MLS The playoffs, and Argentina have been out of action for four months, they are already preparing a loan offer that will allow the last episode of the tournament against Ronaldo.

Messi’s incredible gesture to a young fan was tackled by his bodyguard

„Internal evaluations are still ongoing and news is expected soon,” he said Rudy GalettiA journalist Sky Sports About the Saudi Pro League tricking Messi, Inter Miami and MLS for loan during the break. David Beckham He did something similar when he played Los Angeles Galaxy And AC Milan In 2009.

Messi loves MLS

Before Messi signed with Inter Miami, The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund An offer of 400 million dollars was introduced to convince Messi, but the Argentine was more attracted by the MLS program and life in Miami.

Messi made a positive impact at Inter Miami success League CupOwner’s first trophy.

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