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This Labor Day holiday weekend, many of us will enjoy an extra day off that we can use to celebrate the beautiful weather with at least one last time at the beach, a family picnic, or a trip to the Canfield Fair.

Whatever we do to enjoy the traditional end of summer before school gets into full swing and the leaves start to fall from the trees, we must not forget the importance of using this day to recognize and appreciate the dedication that Mahoning Valley workers demonstrate. The work they do.

Labor Day was enacted by Congress on June 28, 1894 as a federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September. Federal lawmakers approved the Labor Day holiday only after some statewide proposals were proposed. American Federation of Labor co-founder Peter J. A suggestion came from McGuire to set aside a day. „Public Holiday for the Laboring Classes” To honor them „Those who have explored and carved all the grandeur we see from rude nature.”

We need to look at the historical foundation of this holiday, and at this time our history tends to create divisions rather than unity.

When so many workers fight for equality or go on pickets in our Valley, we need to heed the demands that they be more appreciated and recognize the critical importance of workers in every walk of life.

In fact, in many cases locally and nationwide, we know that dedicated, hard-working people are doing their best to keep businesses open and operating, even when staff numbers are still below ideal. Countless dedicated workers graciously handle more responsibilities, take on extra hours or shifts, and generally take on more tasks.

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Undoubtedly, those good workers here and across the country keep businesses humming and profitable.

If you visit Eastwood Mall on your Labor Day holiday, for example, to finish your back-to-school shopping, then to eat or see a movie, we ask you to identify the retailers there. Call yourself, or the servers who bring your food or the clerks who wait on you.

While Labor Day has always been meant to honor these workers, new challenges make workers and the work they do every day worthy of appreciation.

So please be patient with our staff this holiday weekend and understand that they may be a little understaffed. Let them know that we appreciate and value their contribution to society and the businesses that employ them.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday.

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