Revolution in the creative economy!

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Everyone wants to be famous, but how to achieve it?

For the longest time in history, people have been going to Mumbai, the city of dreams! Spend the next 20, 30, 40 years just looking for that 0.01% chance to become an actor.

Those days are gone; Imperfect University has revolutionized the virality game where one can achieve the same level of fame and success in a very short period of time, just 3 months!

But why?

Shivansh Garg, founder of Imperfect University, when asked why one wants to be famous, replied that one of two reasons.

  • Money: People are boxed in. There is no way for them to escape, so fame is a great way to earn a ton of money. We all know what kind of money content creators make, but to quote a familiar face for you, Ashneer Grover once said, “Last year, the amount I made as an influencer, I never made from my MBA. , startups, banking; Nowhere!”

  • Authorization: The second category is subject matter experts. Individuals who are good at what they do and have the drive and responsibility to educate people with the right kind of knowledge, are lucky to have them, not only a light in today’s darkness, but someone to look forward to for generations to come.

And what’s so special about IU?

In 2022 Shivansh scaled 0-100k in 50 posts on his Instagram. He understands data from a development and fundraising background.

He noticed that people thought that creativity was an abstract art. That is far from the truth. It’s about creating processes to drive creativity in the right direction and scale it. He is proud of his discovery.

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What he finds interesting is that even the best agency owners/big influencers don’t understand the science behind creativity.

None of them broke it. Not one.

Sivansh said, “People believe in being in the right place at the right time and riding the wave of luck whenever it hits, and that’s how most viral creators out there have exploded.

Fortunately, those days of relying on luck are over in the creative economy.

The bubble burst!

Only now will the real data-backed, high-quality influencers start to arrive, and all the irrelevant luck-driven creators will fade away!”

This is where his Imperfect University will be a game changer, says Shivansh proudly.


Imperfect University’s impact on the creator economy in less than 7 months has been profound and extensive:

  • Social: IU has developed a vibrant community 18 million followersBuilding a network that supports and amplifies each other’s success.

  • Global Reach: Their creators have accumulated more 2.5 billion viewsProving that great content has no boundaries.

  • Career Change: Beyond followers and fame, they focus on enabling their creators to secure financial stability through insightful brand collaborations and innovative monetization strategies. 7 major earnings in the last 7 months.

The essence of Imperfect University’s impact lies not just in the numbers, but in the stories of individual creators who have found their voice, their platform, and their community through IU. These stories are testimony to the life-changing impact of its programs.

The interesting thing about Shivansh’s impact is that it has a ripple effect.

Not only has he impacted the lives of thousands of students who trust him and his company, but he has also impacted millions of lives through his student audience who consume his content.

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A message from Shivansh

As Imperfect University continues to lead and innovate within the creator economy, we invite you to join our mission to revolutionize digital education and influencer training.

If you want to turn your passion into a career and your creativity into a career, incomplete university is where your journey begins. Here, education meets inspiration, and every student is given the tools to succeed not just online, but in life.

Are you ready to hit the reset button and start a new chapter? Join us at Imperfect University and let’s build your future together.

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