APEC 2024: PromPeru prepares strategy focused on millennial, luxury tourists from Asia | News | Andina

It will implement a comprehensive strategy focused on the Asian market offering, with the aim of capturing the attention of thousands of tourists and luxury service seekers.

According to the president of PromPeru, Per capita spending by South Korean travelers is high in every city they visit.

„For Asia, in general, we have this kind of strategy that focuses more on millennials and high-end luxury tourism. The topic of all digital nomads, these millennials who work and travel at the same time, is a segment that we do. We're evaluating closely.” she pointed out.

Try to focus

A PromPeru top official emphasized that Hosting APEC will not only allow Peru to showcase itself in front of various countries around the world, but also in the Asian region a strategy has already been designed that will „focus well on cost and target audience”.

Thus, The company is looking for alliances to develop digital strategies and replicate past campaigns that have actually been successful.

„Last year, we ran several campaigns to bring in millennial influencers from Korea. They toured Peru, and the impact was immediately noticeable in the following months, because we started to see a big increase in tourism from South Korea. It's a strategy that works for us, and this year we're putting more emphasis on it.” going to give,” she pointed out.

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