JIAPAZ invests in technology to make its refineries more efficient – Zacatecas State Government

JIAPAZ invests in technology to make its refineries more efficient

  • The organization purchased four turboblower units that supply air for water treatment in the plants' biological reactors.
  • Technological innovations allow for improvements in water reuse and compliance with new federal regulations

Zacatecas, Zac., February 4, 2024.- The Intermunicipal Board of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation (JIAPAZ) of Zacatecas purchased modern turboblower equipment to make operations at the treatment plants more efficient and comply with new federal regulations.

The 11.8 million pesos investment in the 2023 equipment will be responsible for injecting air into the biological reactors, which can cause the decomposition of organic matter.

Gilberto Perez, head of water quality at Giapas, explained that the new equipment makes processes more efficient at the Osiris, Morelos, Poniente and El Orito plants, which together treat 643 liters of water per second.

This is an attempt to comply with the update of the official Mexican Standard NOM-001-SEMARNAT-2021 and opens up more possibilities for the reuse of this natural resource.

Among the advantages of turboblowers, they represent energy savings of almost 30 percent compared to older equipment that has not been updated since the origin of the refineries.

Modern equipment also represents savings in maintenance and opens up the possibility of automating refineries, as is done in developed countries.

Gilberto Pérez recognized the initiative of the management led by director David Octavio García Flores to invest in technology in the operational areas of Jiabas.

„Higher efficiency, energy savings and savings in operating costs are what the technology allows and the company is looking for,” said the head of the Department of Water Quality and Sanitation.

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In an effort to increase efficiency with the support of technology, the current Jiapas management has invested in acquiring robotic cameras for video inspection of drinking water and sewage pipelines.

Another commitment to technology is the development of systems and applications that allow better control of reports and work orders, with a view to improving service to people to create well-being in Zacatecan families.


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