Amazon's Impact on the Polish Economy: Ten Key Facts

We have been investing in Poland since 2012 and our operations are growing every year. Here are ten key facts about how Amazon's presence in Poland has affected the country and its economy.

1. PLN 20bn for development

Since our first investment in Poland, the acquisition of Gdańsk-based startup IVONA Software in 2012, we have devoted PLN 20bn, or nearly PLN 5.5ma per day, to development over ten years. It compiled a report for us based on calculations by Keystone, an independent consultancy.

2. Added PLN 24bn to Polish GDP

Amazon's investments have added PLN 24bn to Poland's gross domestic product (GDP), significantly contributing to Poland's economic growth, income growth and social, infrastructure and health programs that have helped improve living conditions in the country.

3. More than 70,000 direct and indirect jobs

By 2022, our investments in Poland will create more than 70,000 new direct and indirect jobs. These include not only our fulfillment centers, corporate offices or Amazon development centers, but also stocks throughout the supply chain and SMEs that sell through our stores, effectively reaching millions of customers worldwide.

4. Ten fulfillment centers and three Amazon Development Centers in Poland (ADCP)

Those achievements would not have been possible without the modern infrastructure of fulfillment centers, offices and research facilities. He said that the people who work in them are the most important. Thanks to them, Amazon's operations continue to grow to benefit the national economy and local communities.

5. Remuneration over PLN 15 billion

According to Keystone estimates, our investments in Poland in 2012-2022 generated a total payoff of more than PLN 15 billion. These funds went to entrepreneurs operating in retail and services in local communities and across the country.

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6. 700 completely new job types

The World Economic Forum predicts that one in two workers will need to reskill by 2025 to meet the new demands of the labor market. Discovered by the report „Resilience through the eyes of the Poles”.[1], Poles are ready for change, with 56% considering reskilling and future career change, especially in IT. In our fulfillment centers, technological development and robotization of logistics processes created 700 entirely new job categories.

700 completely new job categories

7. Investment in education

To meet our employees' need for new skills, we continue to support their development at Amazon. Anyone working in our company who has their own vision and wants to realize their professional aspirations can train in our career choice program, as 500 people have already done in Poland.

We also support ICT education from childhood. As part of the Amazon STEM Kindloteka network in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, we help children explore the rules of the digital world by participating in Polish-Ukrainian webinars that help students and teachers become „talented explorers”. Develop future skills. As part of our AWS GetIT competition, Polish and Ukrainian students can see for themselves the power of technology by designing ideas for applications to solve selected social problems. We also foster a passion for technology among girls through the Girls Do Engineering program.

8. Three out of four sellers grow outside of Poland

Hand in hand with technological advancements, SMEs are increasingly looking for opportunities to improve their businesses and increase profitability. As a result, more than 75% of Polish entrepreneurs selling in our store have decided to start international sales within the EU.

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9. PLN 4.4bn in export sales

In 2022 alone, export sales generated by SMEs through our store will reach PLN 4.4 billion, which is the same amount that Poland wants to invest in upgrading, renovating and adapting railway stations to meet current needs across the country.

10. 400m products on

Two years since the launch of in 2021, we are constantly expanding our range, which already has more than 400 million products. But there's more – our customers can also enjoy special offers during Prime Day and Black Friday week. Amazon Prime membership gives customers access to unlimited, free and fast delivery from, to their doorstep, pick-up point or an automated parcel machine, including weekends.

After a decade of investing in Poland, we believe that our investments have a positive impact beyond the macro level of the Polish economy. We support and become an integral part of local communities, and each job tells the story of someone who wants to pursue their ambitions within our company.

[1] „Resilience Through the Eyes of Poles”, Future Collars, 2023

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