Accommodation for Investing in Welfare of Officers: Army Commander

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The construction of a dormitory for commissioned officers in Medraman, Berlan, East Jakarta, is a form of investment to improve the welfare of soldiers, said Army Chief General Dutung Abdurahman.

According to a report received here on Saturday, Abdurahman on Friday (October 6, 2023) inaugurated the officers’ accommodation and the new military cyber and crypto forensics building at the military headquarters complex in Jakarta.

„This is an investment in their welfare and a form of military support for the personnel working at the Army Headquarters complex,” he said.

He said that the new shelter has been designed keeping in mind the needs and comforts of the veterans and their families and will provide a place to develop unity and relationship among officers.

The new officers’ accommodation at Matraman has 5 floors and 65 rooms, each measuring 24 square meters.

The building has many facilities and infrastructures like lobby, canteen, lounge, meeting room, staff room etc.

Abdurahman asked the soldiers to take care of the new building and use it responsibly.

Meanwhile, the cyber and crypto forensics building reflects the Army’s commitment to modernize the military to deal with more unconventional threats such as cyber-attacks, proxy warfare and network-centric warfare (NCW).

NCW is a form of modern warfare that uses real data and communication networks to connect headquarters or command centers to combat units. From 2021, the Indonesian Army (TNI) is building the necessary infrastructure to anticipate network-based warfare.

Abdurachman expressed confidence that having a military cyber and crypto forensics building will help soldiers counter modern warfare threats.

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So far, the Army has set up a Cyber ​​and Crypto Center, which was established in 2020, and a Cyber ​​Task Force, stationed at Army Headquarters.

Translated by: Genta M, Kensu
Editor: Aziz Kurmala
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