ASEAN-Japan summit calls for wider humanitarian aid to Gaza

JAKARTA (Antara) – During a summit chaired by Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, ASEAN and Japanese leaders encouraged the provision of humanitarian aid to Gazans affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The leaders will attend the 50th Anniversary Summit of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in Tokyo from December 16 to 18, 2023.

In a joint press conference with Kishida after Sunday’s summit, Jokowi said he encouraged them to start the peace process in Gaza immediately.

He emphasized ASEAN and Japan’s commitment to regional peace and stability through inclusive cooperation, respect for international law, and strengthening the ASEAN core.

„ASEAN leaders expressed appreciation for Japan’s full support for implementing and prioritizing the ASEAN vision in the Indo-Pacific region and welcomed the trilateral summit involving Japan, China and South Korea as a form of dialogue practice,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Kishida highlighted Japan’s support for ASEAN, especially in times of regional divisions and conflicts.

„Based on strong mutual trust, we will tackle new challenges and contribute to regional peace and stability, thereby creating a world where all can enjoy prosperity and their human dignity is protected,” he said.

In early December, Kishida, in a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, underlined the need to de-escalate the situation in Gaza and to act in accordance with international humanitarian law.

He also stressed the need to avoid escalating civilian casualties, according to the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

He stressed that Tokyo supports a two-state solution and that Israel and Palestine should live together in peace.

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Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip on October 7 after the militant group Hamas attacked the Gaza Strip.

At least 18,800 Palestinians, most of them children and women, were killed and 51,000 injured by Israeli attacks.

The death toll in Israel has reached 1,200, and more than 130 hostages are still being held by Hamas in Gaza.

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Translated by: Yashinta Difa, Raga Adji
Author: Anton Santoso
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