On this date, self-aware artificial intelligence will arrive, according to a tech genius

The living legend of video games is more than obvious.

John Carmack is one of video game’s greatest legends

John Carmack is one of the most famous people in the world of video games He is not only a good creator From the time he founded IT Software and created DOOM and DOOM II with his friends, a game that today can even be played on refrigerators. But behind his passion for video games is a A lot of love for programming, that’s why he participated in very interesting projects like creating meta virtual reality glasses. Now, he has his initiation A great prediction of artificial super intelligenceAlso known as Self-aware artificial intelligence And he explained what he meant Which one comes first and on what date?.

To do this, he relies on reliable sources and trusts that he is not going to stray too far from the path. We will address the doubts when the time comes, however We expect that to be a while away. Notably, Carmack now works at Keen Technologies The company focuses on artificial intelligence Trying to build its own AI in the style of GPT-4 and Midjourney, it creates both text and generative images, which DALL-E 3 has been killing recently.

A world of self-aware AI is just around the corner, With all the risks it entails. Let’s see what date Carmack will come to our world.

The arrival date of self-aware AI

For some time now, major artificial intelligence companies have been struggling to achieve AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or Super Artificial Intelligence. This will be a point of development of artificial intelligence systems AI can be really dangerous Because it is in no way distinguishable from man. However, it is also a Key development point So it can help us completely. However, it seems that there is still a long way to go, although relatively and honestly it is not that far.

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According to John Cormack, these AIs They will arrive by 2030 approximately Accordingly Register. As these approximately 7 years pass, there will be improvements made towards that objective giant. However, it is not yet clear what level of impact can be achieved by achieving this level The truth is, it looks very dangerous.

In any case, he is optimistic and considers it to be a real revolution, one that he also feels has played an important role since one of his first games. Earthquake, led to a real emphasis on the power of GPUs. Graphics cards are even more important today Apps While working on some problems like Cryptocurrencies or artificial intelligence.

Anyway, AI is in it Growth peak And the investment depends on whether it sinks or finally sinks in the coming years End up being a safer standard for all of us.

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