A tax on digital platforms will not stop their progress

Streaming sites They continue to revolutionize the way we consume digital content, be it music, series or movies. However, despite its popularity, The Current situationMarked by macroeconomic events, many companies have faced massive layoffs and even downsizing Subscribers.

In recent months, several companies have taken the industry by surprise Announcing significant layoffs Amid an apparently optimistic outlook, Amazon announced that it was laying off employees from its Prime Video division. But while the sector faces a strong storm globally, at the local level all eyes are on the tax on digital content platforms, which has been in place for some time. 15 days in Colombia.

Last approved standard Tax reformAnd the decree of 2023 is established in 2039, which establishes the Great The streaming depot is Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, among others, are subject to taxation; 10% by withholding at source or by filing income tax return and applying the rate 3% of the total income received in the country during the financial year.

Now, the focus is on whether this move will affect the number of registered users in Colombia who pay for the services of these sites. To Jose Daniel Lopez, Managing Director Alianza IncA union that brings together apps in the country is not sure what the companies' strategy will be, but they are expected to use the content more often, despite the measure. Streaming is maintained.

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„Significant economic presence is a new digital tax, this is a fact beyond debate. It is not easy to see what brands are doing because of the way they define price and selling price and ultimately how they compete. The strategies are not yet clear and these vary by sector. Whether the number of users will decrease As for the question, we hope not, at least in the companies we represent. At Alianza In, we have taken the preparation of this new tax obligation seriously”Lopez explained.

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Also, the Trade union representative He insisted that this new measure would help „Approve Commitment of Sites to Colombia.”

„We see this as an opportunity to demonstrate that digital platforms are paying taxes, and they are not paying them now with a significant economic presence, but are charged in VAT. Digital services since 2017. „It ensures the legitimacy of services between platforms”
Lopez said.

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Expert Carlos Giovanni Rodríguez, Partner at Jiménez Higuita Rodríguez & Asociados, He indicated that he does not foresee a decline in users on the sites Streaming in ColombiaAs with the tax on sugary drinks, „many users maintained consumption.”

„It's supposed to be an income tax, and it's taxing the people doing the activity and it's not like a sales tax that's being replaced, but basically they're not going to reduce its use, they're going to increase its value. „I don't think the users are going to decrease.”
The expert added.

According to company statistics NetflixLatin America accounts for 17.6% of the world's subscribers. As highlighted in the billing statement with a cut-off date of 2023, they are 43.6 million subscribers Compared to the total in the region 247.6 million The company has It should be noted that the region was added in recent months 1.18 million subscribers.

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This also applies to platforms of this type

According to Order, companies that provide services focused on online advertising; mobile applications, e-books, music and movies; free streaming services (any form of digital content); digital subscriptions to audiovisual media, including, but not limited to, news, magazines, newspapers, music, video, games of any kind; Among other things, subject to this tax. According to experts, in the end it is very possible The cost of these types of services increases Users should be told whether they are paying for the plans or not. It should be noted that no increase in services has been reported so far due to this Measurement account.

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