It is planned to set up a red soil cultivation center on 5,000 tons of land

Target image of the new Glee Salmon RAS facility.

England: The company has submitted a planning application for its site in New Glee, on the outskirts of Grimsby and Cleethorpes, England.

Aquacultured Seafood Ltd (ASL) intends to produce around 5,000 tonnes of salmon per year at its proposed RAS facility, which will use AquaMaof’s technology.

Last month, ASL director and aquaculture veteran Mike Berthet told Aquaculture Expert that the company expected to receive planning permission by the end of September. If it gets the green light, ASL will begin raising the more than $95 million needed for the project.

„We have appointed a London financial institution that is already talking to potential investors. The directors of the company raised initial funds, and at the end of last year, we went to family funds to raise enough money, about 1.2 million US dollars, to build the planning phase,” Berthet commented.

The project was born

In a statement sent to North East Lincolnshire Council planners, ASL consultant Montague Evans said the proposed development had evolved through pre-application consultation with council officers.

Residents and district councilors were asked for development proposals for the site and feedback from the public. The outline progressed from what was initially presented and the comments received were noted.

„The proposed development incorporates various sustainability measures including energy-efficient lighting, water-efficient fixtures, bike parking, implementation of a travel plan, as well as the provision of Photovoltaic (PV) panels and SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) to ensure a high-quality sustainable building in line with the requirements of the adopted development plan. lead to delivery,” Evans said.

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No harm

The New Glee, England site is a former railway siding that has been reclaimed and 80% of the land is designated as a Local Wildlife Site (LWS). The site adjoins the Humber estuary, has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and has other natural site designations.

Evans explained that the farm would not have any adverse effect on the integrity of the Humber estuary, following a habitat regulatory assessment submitted with the planning application, targeted and integrated mitigation measures.

He added that while the site is designated as LWS, it has also been earmarked for use in the council’s local scheme. „LWS has been designated for its grassland and open land habitats. However, updated botanical surveys have indicated that the current status of LWS is below the threshold for LWS designation,” the advisor noted.

„The proposed design includes retaining and protecting existing LWS habitat wherever possible. The project provides habitats within the proposed design to provide additional ecological interest, such as grasslands and wildflower shrubbery, along with the proposed amenity and drainage areas,” said Evans.

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