A new survey by Extraordinary Security reveals that 98% of security leaders are concerned about the risks posed by AI

Security leaders are very concerned about the potential for AI to create sophisticated email attacks; However, many are not prepared to protect themselves from it.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Extraordinary securityThe leading AI-native email security platform, today announced the release of a new report: “The state of email security in an AI-driven world.” The report reveals security leaders’ biggest concerns about the growing threat AI poses to the enterprise sector. The rise—particularly through the email vector—and how they are preparing to adapt their defenses in response.

Based on a survey of 300 senior cybersecurity stakeholders from companies of all sizes across multiple industries, nearly all security leaders (98%) are concerned about cybersecurity risks posed by ChatGPT, Google Bard, WormGPT and similar tools.

Their main concern is that AI will enable the sophistication of email attacks; In particular, generative AI can help attackers design more targeted and personalized email attacks based on publicly available information. Not only are security leaders nervous about these threats, but many are already experiencing them. Four out of five respondents (80.3%) either confirmed that their organizations have already received AI-generated email attacks or strongly doubted that this might be true.

„Emerging AI tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, bringing efficiencies to individuals and businesses like we’ve never seen before. But just like everyone else, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this technology,” said Evan Reiser, CEO and co-founder of Abnormal. „Threat actors are using these tools to launch email attacks. Scale in volume and sophistication, eliminating telltale signs of an attack such as typos and grammatical errors, while further deceiving them using personalized context, tone, and language. As AI lowers the barrier to entry that can create advanced attacks, we are entering a new and increasingly dangerous era of cybercrime, where companies must rely on good AI to combat bad AI.

Despite widespread concern, most security leaders are not adequately prepared to defend against AI-generated email attacks. Most respondents still rely on their cloud email providers or legacy tools for email security, and more than half of respondents (53%) use secure email gateways to protect their email environments. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t seem to be working, as half of respondents (46%) don’t trust traditional solutions to detect and prevent AI-generated attacks.

The research highlights the opportunity for an alternative approach with AI-powered security as the next frontier in email security, as 92% of survey participants see value in using AI to counter threats to AI-generated email messages. Additionally, more than 94% of survey participants say AI will have a major impact on their cybersecurity strategy in the next two years.

„The good news is that cybersecurity leaders are realizing the need for a modernized approach to email security that puts AI at the center,” continued Riser, adding that for known indicators of compromise, regardless of whether AI or human-generated, there is a greater need to harness the power of AI to effectively stop advanced attacks targeting their organizations. Chances are.

Request to download the full report, The state of email security in an AI-driven world, Here.

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Extraordinary Security offers a leading behavioral AI-based email security platform that leverages machine learning to stop sophisticated inbound email attacks that bypass traditional solutions and malicious attacks on email platforms. The anomaly detection engine uses identity and context to analyze the risk of each email event in the cloud, block inbound email attacks, detect compromised accounts, and remediate emails and messages in milliseconds, while providing visibility into configuration variations across your environment. With API integration for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Extraordinary can be deployed in minutes and immediately enjoy the full value of the platform with added security for Slack. Teams and Zoom. More information available abnormalsecurity.com.

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