A rousing crowd pushed Alex Megos and Seo Sehyun into the lead

If there’s one thing fans can take away Sport climbing In the leading qualifier Olympic qualifier 2024 BudapestIt may show up soon.

As the matches take place in an open park at the Ludovica campus in the Hungarian capital, some areas of shade were quickly snapped up by early-morning arrivals on Friday (June 21), which is forecast to be a hot day. week amid a continuing heat wave.

And those who did were given some of the best climbing training of the day. When men and women climb the lead wall at the same time, the third-placed pair on the wall: Women is the world’s second-ranked lead climber. Seo Chaehyun And men are the third-ranked leading expert Alexander Mekos.

German Mekos, in particular, dropped him to 14th after a lackluster Boulder qualifying on Thursday, with only one excellent catch from his four problems.

„Climbing and competing in this heat is a different sport,” he told Olympics.com after Thursday’s Boulder round. „I did OK, not too bad, but the lead will be better, I believe.”

It paid off on Friday, with the 30-year-old making it far from the wall and reaching just above the 88-point mark.

Clearly excited, Mekos screamed in delight as he tumbled down the wall: he fell just three holds from the top: his 88.1 points gave him a total of 137.0 points, enough for him to finish the qualification round in third place.

The only person to score the same 88 points is the Olympic champion Alberto Gines Lopez, topped the overall rankings with 152.5 points. of the Czech Republic Adam Ondra (141.9) separates the two.

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