911 calls capture moments leading to small plane's emergency landing in Parkland – NBC 6 South Florida

Newly released 911 calls capture the moments leading up to Monday's small plane's emergency landing in Parkland.

A bright green Cessna landed a few feet from a busy thoroughfare near Hillsboro Boulevard and Nob Hill Road with several homes and afternoon traffic.

„I have a plane in trouble … 10 miles northwest of Pompano,” an air traffic control dispatcher tells 911. „It's a green Cessna that can hit the road.”

Cell phone video shows the moments a small plane takes off before it makes an emergency landing in Parkland due to engine trouble. NBC6's Kim Winn reports

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the emergency landing was due to engine trouble. The two people on board — both experienced pilots undergoing additional training — had to make a split-second decision, officials said.

„I saw the plane flying really low so I pulled over and he missed the light post,” a caller tells 911. „Then he crashed into a tree.”

A witness' cell phone footage shows the green plane with the XFlight Aeronautical Services logo on it, descending the street and dodging cars and houses.

„It didn't look like it, but it was definitely a successful emergency landing,” Coral Springs Fire Department Deputy Chief Mike Moser said. „When a plane like this lands outside on a crowded road with cars, and no one on the ground is hurt or no one in the car is hurt, it's sure to be a success.”

No one was injured. The National Transportation Safety Board and FAA are still investigating the crash.

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