Walks hand in hand with technology

There are devices that act as personal guides.

Your trip will be a great experience. Photo: Courtesy

when Plan a tripThere are several aspects to take into account: Place of stay, Feeding, Transportation, Changing rooms Y Airplanes. An odyssey requires that they be well organized before starting their journey and prepared for the days of their stay.

However, in recent years the Technological advances They have been a great help like a helping hand.

For example, there are Electronic devices They have many options to help you journeys liked

Actually, there are devices It will help you Itineraries And at other points of travel, the case of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series powered by Galaxy AI is a personal travel guide in your pocket, making the experience more fluid and accessible than ever.

How to make their journey easier? We tell you. The I.A Helps to remove Uncertainty When traveling and „Where should I go?” For example, while surfing while answering the question Social websitesPhotograph of an exhibition Orsay Museum in Paris. Instead of switching apps to learn more, use the Galaxy S24's Circle to Search feature with Google, which lets you take action when inspiration strikes.

Press and hold the Home button to activate the function. The A new experienceBrings the latest AI capabilities Google For Galaxy users, it allows you to search what is displayed on the screen, including images, videos or text.

With your finger or the S Pen, you can hover over what you're interested in — in this case, a social media post — and bookmark the search to quickly pull up relevant information, such as details about the exhibit.

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Of course looking forThis function also allows you to get them General views Powered by AI, they can easily understand concepts, ideas or topics from useful information gathered from across the web. In this way, before the trip, AI adds a new dimension to the product, helping you follow up curiosity cheater hope.

Note to Dom!

Although traveling is an amazing experience, it can be Great If they don't speak the language, they can use the message translation function of Chat Help for this.

Although holiday There may be setbacks if planned well, but with mobile AI they are ready.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is available in Panama starting today, February 7.

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