Xinhua President Meets ASEAN Secretary General-Xinhua

BEIJING, July 4 (Xinhua) — Xinhua News Agency President Fu Hua met with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretary-General Gao Kim Hau in Beijing on Thursday.

Fu said China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership has maintained a good development momentum and bilateral cooperation has yielded fruitful results.

Xinhua will continue to cover ASEAN’s activities and policies in a timely and accurate manner, and will work with the ASEAN Secretariat to explain China-ASEAN friendly cooperation through news reports, Fu said.

Xinhua maintains good cooperation with major media organizations of ASEAN countries, and actively coordinates with them through the World Media Summit and other multilateral mechanisms, Fu, news reports, expressed hope for stronger ties with these media organizations at the highest level. Exchanges and personnel communication.

As a global news agency, Xinhua has provided timely, accurate and wide-ranging reports to a global audience and promoted mutual understanding among people from different countries, Kao said.

He added that the ASEAN Secretariat looks forward to strengthening cooperation with Xinhua to make ASEAN’s voice heard at the regional and global levels.

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