Unlocking the Digitization of SMEs: Huawei Connect 2023 offers state-of-the-art technology

We dive into the cutting-edge technologies on display at Huawei Connect 2023 and how SMEs can join digitization and sustainability, with a special focus on renewable energy, digital solutions and innovations in AI.


What are the latest technological advances that small and medium businesses can use to make the leap to digitization? Correspondent Chris Burns was on hand to find out at the Hawaii Connect 2023 event at the Paris Expo.

Along with the keynote speakers, Tries Akke, Policy Director of Solar Power Europe, explained how renewable energy is growing and becoming smarter with better integration of systems, grids, storage and batteries.

Chris visited various exhibitors at the event with Kenneth Fredrickson, vice president of Huawei Europe, who described some of the key digital solutions for SMEs, including some in the energy, retail, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

Among them, we look at how automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, can better circulate through warehouses. There is also room for retail where scanners and screens are added to shopping carts and product labels on shelves can be updated more easily from the app.

At a booth at the AI ​​Expo, Chris posed to create his avatar, which was then linked to another avatar in the system.

The Euronews reporter also shows us part of the Euronews debate, on how to close the digital divide between European SMEs.

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