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„Hey, Carl, want me to superkick your ass too?” WWE Superstar Jey taunts Uso.

Although the invitation sounded enticing, I backed off, knowing that Jey is a trigger-happy wrestler who delights in unexpected kicks to the cheek and top turnbuckle splashes. The swaggering athlete isn’t a nine-time WWE tag-team champion but can destroy a song on the mic.

He and his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, not only had one of the best WWE entrances of all time, courtesy of their song „Day One Ish,” but also have a history of destroying their peers in freestyle battles. In 2017, The Usos chewed out The New Day in a lyrical duel. Monday Night Raw. Wale, Jay and Jimmy hosted and relished the opportunity to rock The New Day with their menacing bars. According to Jay, his and his brother’s love for writing raps came from their high school days. They would freestyle for their friends in the cafeteria and, in return, received „oohs” and „aahs” for their serious efforts.


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Check out the latest videos, charts and news

„In the freestyle battle, I know they didn’t know we were going to come the way we did. They were doing some nursery rhymes in there,” Jay recalled of the classic 2017 battle against The New Day. „Dude, what’s going on here?’ Let alone on national television. Yeah, we’re going to shoot it.”

Fast forward, Uzo is now one of the most popular wrestlers in the business. After being embroiled in a three-year storyline with his cousin, WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns, Jey left WWE’s most popular division, The Bloodline, to live his dreams as „main event Jay Uso.” Now, on his solo journey, Jay has his own new WWE entrance theme, a remix of the original „Day One Ish.” New song „Main Event Ish” symbolizes Jay’s lone wolf status, „It’s me Uze. First day. It’s only me Uze,” in the hook.

With dreams of overtaking WWE’s longest reigning Intercontinental Champion Gunther and wrestling his brother Jimmy in the Super Bowl of all wrestling events, Jey had no problem at WrestleMania.

advertisement board Nipsey talks to Jey about her love for Hussle, wanting to invite Sexxy Red to a WWE show, why Kodak Black is her spirit animal, and recording her new entrance song „Main Event Ish.”

Big E did an interview a few years ago and he said, „You were so good at rapping, you could drop an EP.” If Jey Uso was going to drop a rap EP, who are the three people you’d call for features?

J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and T-Pain.

Why those three?

J. Cole is Cole and Kendrick is Kendrick. T-Pain, we grew up in Pensacola, Florida, right down the street from Tallahassee in the early 2000s. T-Pain was slapping. We rode to Panama City Beach playing his hits before football games. Just a Florida boy all day.

What music do you listen to for your match-ups?

Nipsey Hustle, the man. He puts me in the zone. J. Kohli is my favorite. I never went to concerts, but J. If Cole goes to a concert, I’m there. 2Pac, Jay-Z. We are there. I got a playlist to spoil Britney Spears. We’ve got a limit here.

Who would you say is the Jay Uso of the rap game?

I don’t even consider myself that way because I’m trying to find myself. If I had to pick someone, Kodak Black. He’s really making noise there, but he’s not really. He’s trying to find his way, just like me.

Talk about how your brother Jimmy’s original song „Day One Ish” came about.

After we turned on our heels, I knew we had to get away from all the color. We’re ditching all the face paint, we’re going black and white. No one wore white shoes then. We are at the mall. Damn champs got one and the other half-off type stuff. We got these black joggers and this black hoodie with white bands. In the middle of the mall, they put the logo on your shirt. We sat there and thought, „What are we going to put on this st?” My brother said, “I don’t know, man. Some day a S–t?” We can’t say s–t but what about ish? You know how they screw it up on rap records. „Aish one day, Yus.”

So it literally means „one day St”. We put it on a hoodie, which we wore on TV, and it stuck out. Some „day one ish” from that. We walked into the booth and they wanted us to have new music. We had these two little cats that came with the hook, “one day one ish”. We were advertising on the track and they let us drive. The first couple of times we were stopped, but then we got hot and started shouting and hitting. We sweated in the booth.

What was it like re-recording your new entry? What was that energy like?

I went back to New York. They wanted to take Jimmy from the original. The Usos and the Uso Penitentiary – take it all out. I said, „Just fly me over there and I’ll see if I can do it again.” They said “one day ish, [and] Line everyone up. I could keep everything, but I needed a damn switch for that opening part. I am with another young woman. It’s like he’s trying to help me find the rhythm. He goes, „Now you are.” I go, “Yeah, that’s it. I am on the way.

Then I started, „I’m the only one in this b–ch.” This is my turn. I started coming in that mood. I was like, „Main Event Jey Uso is in yo city now!” I start screaming there and he inserts it. Took out the old parts and inserted the new st. The steps are a little more compressed. Other than that, I had it when I got on the turnbuckle – this part here, no lyrics. It should be vibrant. That’s where the hip-hop hooray handwave or whatever you want to call it comes from. I wanted to connect the audience to it. It will make you say, „Ouch.” I wanted to bleep all the lyrics and have people engage here. Every second of that theme, once I hit the turnbuckle, they’re with me. All the time, dog.

Have you seen the sexy red „Skeeee” mash-up? What are your thoughts? I know she wants to come to a show.

At first, I said, „No, dog! Is she answering here?” Then, I see her in a dispute, and I don’t give a damn. Us too, who cares? Let’s get these numbers with her. She’s still down and said she didn’t make it to a wrestling live event, a PLE, TV taping. If you ask this, [Sexyy,] You’ll be my VIP guest here, girl. Come out with me and help me sing my theme song. We need to turn that red into blue!

Whether it’s Bad Bunny or Logan Paul, I think the motivational entertainers in wrestling are moving forward. Who is the next athlete or entertainer you want to step into the ring?

The first that comes to mind is Conor McGregor. He keeps moving around us little by little. He was in contact with a couple of us, but not fully here. I’d love to see what he’s talking about. I love Shaquille O’Neal, so I think about LeBron James personally, I know he’s a big fan. Let’s run it. They can catch this superkick. Sexy red can super kick her ass too!

Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m worried about how your house will be with Solo, Jimmy and your dad Rikishi. Talk about what that dynamic looks like.

Alas, Carl, no one comes to my house to say thank you except my father. It’s just that. I let him fly down. Last year, I roasted a turkey and everyone ate it. I’m roasting three turkeys this year. Going down. As far as Solo and Jimmy, you get your asses home and stay somewhere. Especially solo, he’s tripping over there.

What would Jey Uso’s best singles run look like?

The first singles championship at the top of my list is the IC [Intercontinental Championship] title. Gunther should run it. Everyone there. He wants the tribal leader, see what I’m doing to the tribal leader? I didn’t do anything, let’s run it. My father is an IC champion, my uncle, Umaga is an IC champion. Shawn Michaels. My favorite wrestler, the great Razor Ramon. All the big guys held the Intercontinental Championship and I’m trying to get it. Pay-per-view material right there.

What a conversation you and your brother Jimmy had Wrestling Looks like a match. with Wrestling 40Who do you have in mind who you want to fight on that stage?

Right now, I feel like Jimmy is at the top of the list. He should get this job. He still pushes me. He knew what it was. If I could speak from Josh and myself, that would be my dream match. If this happens, I will be very grateful and happy. I would look at him like he was watching what we were doing. Look at this! Those are the special moments of that ring that nobody in the world knows about. When we did Money in the bank With Roman [Reigns] And Solo said, „Look at us,” and I was watching them get a little teary. Wrestling Jimmy in front of friends and family in sold-out Philadelphia would be the No. 1 moment of my career. I’ll kick his ass. If I could pick anyone else, I’d have a one-on-one run with Seth Rollins for that championship. He is a goat. He’s a beast and I’ve got respect. He is restrained Monday Night Raw Forever. I’m with it.

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