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While design is, on the whole, subjective, when it comes to bathrooms, there is no doubt that without the specification of quality products – and bold innovations from manufacturers – there will be no such thing as a 'statement bathroom’. Over the years, now, hotel interior designers, architects and even clients have understood the need for hotel bathrooms to be more than just practical spaces.

In 2023, the hotel design industry was presented with a plethora of new bathroom products – from jewel-like faucets to smart showers, colorful and opaque basins to the latest shower toilet experiences.

Here it is Hotel Designs’ Editor’s pick of the most impactful products.

Odek from Roga

Bathroom design in natural tones with counter top basin for ROCA_by Ruy Ohtake

Photo credit: Roga

Designed by the late architect Rui Ohtake, the Ohtake basins are a cornerstone of Roga’s collection due to their eye-catching design. In honor of the legendary designer, Roca has introduced a new countertop design and added a matte black color to the range.

Rui Otke, one of Brazil’s most prolific architects, is renowned for incorporating sweeping curves and circular shapes into his timeless and elegant designs. The original award-winning basins did not disappoint and the new design is no exception. To create it, Roga turned the original shape upside down and created a sculptural design carved into a square round for an innovative display over the countertop basin. All basin designs are available in six existing finishes: gloss white, matte white, pearl, beige, coffee and onyx, as well as a new matte black finish.

Editors’ Choice – Kessie to Perle

Kessie Perle Collection

Photo credit: Kessie

Born from Perle Kessi’s 'Haute Culture’ concept, which, in its forms and materials, celebrates the natural world and elevates the quality of design to the highest level. New Pearl The collection from Kessie embodies the meanings and attributes of jewellery, signifying elegance and sophistication. Just as the pearl is the most perfect and rare form in nature, the sphere that anchors each element of the collection is a symbol of purity and the fruit of deep research.

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AXESS was designed by KEUCO and Studio Porsche

Black and chrome contemporary shower fittings with grab rail and stool by KEUCO and Studio Porsche

Photo Credit: KEUCO

Acting on the principle that good design should be honest, wholeness is remarkable KEUCO ACCESS through the unimpeded limit Studio Porsche, the clean, design-driven lines of all products – starting with the folding support rail set above the rail system through the shower, grab rails, freestanding stool. Focusing on the essentials, combining aesthetics and seamless functionality in a stylish and innovative way, without making special functions visually obvious. It is this feature that will happily surprise design lovers looking to integrate accessibility into the bathroom.


TOTO NEOREST Toilet - Close

Image credit: TOTO

NEOREST WX users can experience next-level Japanese wellness every time they use the toilet – thanks TOTO. Every principle in TOTO’s design philosophy is reflected in NEOREST WX’s compact, minimalist form and comfortable size. A new ceramic material is used for the first time, allowing for sleek, elegant lines. It’s these elaborate improvements that make these quiet moments in the bathroom the perfect break from everyday life.

Vergo by Crosswater

Pink and black bathroom with Vergo fittings from Crosswater

Image credit: Crosswater

Vergo is a rugged and trend-leading bathroom furniture collection cross water Be sure to make a statement. The design of the drawer front and storage – available in three sizes – is easy to access thanks to its full extension drawer runners. The wall-hung design helps free up floor space, creating the illusion of a larger bathroom, making Vergo the perfect addition to small bathrooms.

Phantom Black from GROHE

GROHE Smart Control Shower in Phantom Black

Image Credit: GROHE

Thanks to the three-layer lacquer coating technique, all matte black coatings provide depth GROHE Phantom Black Compared to other matte black variants treated with powder coating, the products are enhanced to be more durable as well as more resistant against corrosion, fading and scratches. In addition, Phantom Black is resistant to visible fingerprints, resulting in less cleaning and easier maintenance – perfect for busy environments.

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Bristol bathtub from Bagnodesign

Black freestanding bath and surface mounted basin against natural stone surfaces

Image credit: Bagnodesign

A statement piece in the hotel bathroom, the Bristol Bathtub by Bagnodesign offers style and comfort, using every inch of its required floor space to maximum effect. Following the trend for unusual materials and eclectic styling, the Bristol bathtub is made from resin.

Comfortable for bathing, durable and simple to maintain, the material is easy to carve, resulting in a luxurious oval shape that gives a contemporary twist on a classic freestanding design. In Striking Galaxy Block, The Bristol bathtub Dimensions of 1683 x 803 x 550 mm provide enough space for a comfortable shower. The bath was launched alongside the collection’s basins in the same material and finish to form part of the Bristol collection.

Glass Duravid and designed Christian Werner

Burnt orange bathroom furniture and washbasins in a new color range from Duravit

Image Credit: It lasted

Glass Duravit is a unique series that puts bold color on the bathroom agenda. It includes furniture such as vanity units, tall cabinet and washbasins and can be combined with toilets and bathtubs from other series.

Its six nuance color concept was designed by Christian Werner, who is also responsible for the formal design of Vitrium bathroom furniture and washbasins. There are six colors in total, which create a presence without dominating the space and create a matte, warm contrast that complements wood, stone, concrete or suitable tiled surfaces.

BetteSuno is designed by Barber Oskerby and Bette

Petasuno Freestanding White Bathroom Design in the middle of a white bathroom in front of a floor-to-ceiling window

Image credit: Pette

British design studio Barber Oskerby has teamed up with Bette to create the exclusive Petsuno bathroom collection, which combines elegant minimalism with sophisticated bathroom design.

Designed by Green Vision hansgrohe and PHOENIX design

Hansgrohe Green Vision is set in a tub room in a contemporary bathroom

Photo credit: Hansgrohe

Finally, here’s one for the future. After two years, an interdisciplinary team envisions a sustainable bathroom that functions almost entirely without water hansgrohe inventors and Phoenix design They have developed a 'green vision’ concept design that uses 90 percent less water, 90 percent less energy and therefore 90 percent less CO.2Electrical emissions in the bathroom.

This concept goes beyond the usual sustainability triad of 'reduce, re-use, recycle’ and 'rethink’ our personal needs in the bathroom. With a planet-centered design, it aims to consider these questions: How can consumption be reduced to conserve increasingly scarce water and energy resources? How can a bathroom’s carbon footprint be reduced to as close to zero as possible over its average 20-year service life?

Hansgrohe, Gessi, Crosswater, TOTO, Roca, GROHE, Duravit and Bette all Recommended suppliers and regularly featured in ours Supplier News Section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katie Phillips.

Main image credits: Gessi, Bagnodesign, Hansgrohe, Duravit, Roca, TOTO

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