World News | India increased its diplomatic importance in emerging dynamics of Indo-Pacific: European Parliament expert

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Brussels [Belgium]April 8 (ANI): India's increased diplomatic importance in the emerging dynamics of the Indo-Pacific, European Parliament expert Angelos Delivorias asserted, attributed not only India's strategic evolution over the past decade, but broader global dynamics. Its expanded role in the Indo-Pacific region.

„India has increased its diplomatic importance as part of its strategy over the last decade, but apart from its own evolution, its importance is increasing as a result of current geopolitical evolutions,” said Delevorias, talking about India's position in the Indo-Pacific region. Theater.

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Specializing in external policy (including India), Angelos is a policy specialist at European Parliamentary Research (EPRS), which provides comprehensive research and analytical support to members of the European Parliament.

While highlighting China's Belt and Road Initiative and assertive posture in the South China Sea, he also elucidated the multifaceted factors contributing to India's rising importance while navigating China's expanding assertiveness.

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Against the backdrop of China's Belt and Road Initiative and growing commitment to global affairs, India's rise has profound implications for the EU and the wider international community, he added.

„What I'm saying is that since the announcement of the Belt and Road Initiative on behalf of China, from its aggressive stance in the South China Sea, from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we see the Indo-Pacific as a region. And this South Asia as a region for us, for the European Union, and for the West in general. and its regional partners are also gaining importance,” the European Parliament policy expert said in an interview with EPRS. India, why it matters and what it means for the EU.

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He also highlighted the sustained growth of the Indian economy over the past decade, while pointing out that India's GDP growth has outpaced that of China, indicating New Delhi's emergence as a formidable economic power on the world stage. China's rates, and experts think it will continue to do so, at least in the short term,” Delivorias noted, underscoring India's unprecedented economic momentum.

With India's ambitious infrastructure projects and recent advances in space exploration, Delivorias outlined the country's comprehensive economic strategy.

„Besides high GDP growth, it has made significant investments in national infrastructure projects to sustain that economic growth. It participates in international infrastructure projects and last year we even see it have a full-fledged space program. It landed on the moon. So it has a comprehensive economic strategy,” he added. said.

He drew parallels between the population pyramids of India and China, with the former being younger than the latter, which would lead to continued growth in New Delhi's GDP in the coming years.

„From an economic point of view, India is the largest population on the planet, but its population is younger. If we look at the population pyramid of India, we see that it is younger than China, which means that it has more people. The labor market and it has less expenditure on health sectors or pensions, which means that in the next few years It can increase its GDP,” he added. (ANI)

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