Indonesia-France Business Forum, 'Stepping Towards a Sustainable Future’

Le Negresco Hotel Nice is the setting for the International Business Forum on Monday 10 June, organized by the Consultat General of the Republic of Indonesia in Marseille, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Paris. The main objective of the event is networking and information sharing, enhancing business relations and creating an interactive platform for both countries.

A young republic by international standards, Indonesia has a strong vision for its development by 2045, its centenary. Launched by President Joko Widodo in 2019, it is called „The Golden Indonesia 2045”.Golden Indonesia Vision 2045) aimed at the country becoming a „sovereign, advanced, just and prosperous nation”, indeed one of the top four or five economies in the world, by that date, with the new capital „Nusantara” as an important part. vision


Consul General was the first speaker on the occasion Mrs. Dian Kusumaningsihcontinuously Mrs. Christian Amiel, representative for international relations from the local authority of Nice. Ambassador of Indonesia to France, Andorra, Monaco and UNESCO, Mohammed Omar On the first visit to Nice of his tenure, sat on the ground.

Greater scope for economic cooperation

He reminded participants that France and Indonesia first signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2011. “At that time, the volume of bilateral trade between Indonesia and France was about 1.5 billion US dollars. Last year this figure reached 2.5 billion US dollars. While acknowledging the increase, he felt there was more potential to achieve higher levels. France was 12th last yearTh It is the largest foreign investor in Indonesia with 302.8 million USD in about 1200 projects, but again, the ambassador stressed the potential to grow that number significantly, citing Indonesia’s annual growth (currently above 5.2% and expected to continue at 5.3 to 5.6% in 2025), a Total GDP in the economy today is about 1.4 trillion US dollars.

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Some participants may have been surprised to learn about some of Indonesia’s resources. For example, it is the world’s leading producer of palm oil, and the ambassador said, „France has hundreds of industries that are based on palm oil (food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.). We understand that there are issues, questions about the sustainability aspect of palm oil. We have been importing and exporting for two decades. Discussing exports, he suggested that if French consumers are not convinced of the sustainability of palm oil, investment may be needed to find sustainable production methods for a commodity that France needs.

„Indonesia has 33% of the world’s nickel deposits,” said Ambassador, a key raw material for electric vehicles. Despite „a lot of debate and complaints about how Indonesia produces nickel,” he believes that investment in production methods has contributed to making them more efficient and therefore contributed to the drop in commodity prices on global markets. He believes the model is sustainable as Indonesia uses hydropower instead of coal-fired power plants.

France Indonesia Forum Nice (1)
Indonesian-France Business Forum © Philippe Andrukovic

The country is ranked 10th in the worldTh Natural gas producer, and 4Th The coffee maker „Everybody likes in France, I’m sure,” joked the ambassador. As the archipelago straddles the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it is the world’s second largest producer of natural rubber and second largest supplier of fish, making it one of the world’s largest marine areas. Third largest cocoa producer, second largest tin producer… There are many interesting statistics to outline Indonesia’s potential as a trading partner.

Indonesia is an essential member of ASEAN

The ambassador also noted that a bilateral trade agreement is, by definition, not a one-way street, and what Indonesia buys from France. “Last year we bought a satellite from Thales, which helps us get internet access to our small islands in Indonesia. A second satellite is now being discussed. We have signed an agreement to buy 42 Rafale fighter jets from France at a cost of USD 8.2 billion. We have also signed an agreement to purchase two Scorpene submarines at a cost of USD 6.7 billion. 30 helicopters for our Air Force and several commercial Airbuses for Indonesia’s airline Garuda. „We need French competitive technologies in energy transition, digital transformation, as well as agriculture and maritime industries, palm oil, fisheries, among others,” the ambassador said.

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He reminded participants that Indonesia is part of ASEAN, a single market like the European Union, but with a population of 690 million and a total GDP of 3.8 trillion USD. He spoke of the economy’s backwardness compared to the rest of the world, which naturally lends itself to investment, and Indonesia has free trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea. An agreement with the European Union is under negotiation and will help reduce the cost of Indonesian imports through reduced tariffs.

Taking these points into consideration at the forum were French companies, entrepreneurs, Indonesian companies, bank representatives, small and medium businesses and stakeholders from both Indonesia and France.

Investment opportunities in Indonesia

The forum featured several distinguished speakers who provided valuable insights on Indonesia’s economic landscape and sustainable development initiatives, including the country’s macroeconomic situation, Indonesia’s fiscal strategies and international economic relations. The contribution on investment opportunities in Indonesia highlights several sectors that are prime for growth and development.

The development of integrated industrial estates and their role in sustainable industrial development are also covered, as are Indonesian developments and initiatives in the renewable energy sector. Andriy Senkov, Co-Partner in A large estate (Pali), Finished the morning’s contributions, Highlight the role of international markets in supporting Indonesia’s sustainable development goals and provide evidence of property investment in Bali.

Great Summer Bali
Andrei Senkov © Philip Andrukhovich

Perspectives on foreign direct investments in the Nice Côte d’Azur region and the promotion of tourism and economic cooperation between Nice and Indonesia were also presented.

The forum featured lively discussions and networking opportunities, allowing attendees to engage with experts and explore potential synergies. The event received support from local authorities and institutions, including Ville de Nice, Metropole Nice Côte d’Azur, Team Nice Côte d’Azur and Rising Sud, reflecting a mutual commitment to strengthening economic ties and promoting sustainable practices.

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About the Indonesian Embassy in Marseille and the Indonesian Embassy in Paris

The Indonesian Embassy in Marseille and the Indonesian Embassy in Paris are dedicated to promoting bilateral relations between Indonesia and France. They actively promote economic, cultural and educational exchanges that support Indonesia’s global engagement and sustainable development goals.

If you are interested in cooperating with a young, vibrant and promising country in any of these fields, the consulate or embassy is at your disposal.

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