Women in ICT: Closing the gender gap in technology

Women’s participation in the technology sector is generally low, however, barriers that prevent girls and women from entering the sector have been gradually removed.

Currently, constant technological advances and digital transformation are being experienced, so it is necessary to guarantee that all members of society, regardless of gender, have equal access and opportunities in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Recently, the International Women in ICT Day was celebrated, which seeks to highlight the importance of encouraging the active participation of women and youth in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Organized by the National Telecommunication Commission (CONDEL), the meet with girls of various age and school levels served as a venue to inspire the new generation and explore various opportunities in science, technology and other related professions.

Huawei Executive Engineers opened up to share their experiences with the minors and how they have pioneered technology, excelled in carrying out projects, encouraged girls to improve themselves and inspired the next generation to explore and achieve their goals.

„Knowledge is power, it is important that you set your goals and grow with them, you have the ability to improve every day, never doubt your abilities, never stop believing in your beliefs, you have the ability to do everything. You have to believe in yourself,” said the Huawei regional logistics manager. Bianca Segovia said.

Sophia Chinchilla, one of the company’s young talent added, „Each of us has a gift, women today have a valuable opportunity, it’s always good to think beyond that, don’t let them limit us, progress is valid until breaking. Some rules.”

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These are some tips and motivation shared with many women who are pursuing a dream but often don’t know where to start.

Annie Rocío Izaguirre, an eighth-grader at the Technological Institute of Business Administration (INTAE), already dreams of becoming a successful professional. Like Annie, there are hundreds of girls and young women in Honduras who aspire to one day excel in the world of information and communication technology.

„We recognize the importance of empowering women from an early age and fostering their interest and skills in ICT-related fields. We strongly believe that joining forces is essential to create an inclusive and encouraging environment for women in this sector,” said Arturo Echenique, Public Relations Manager of Huawei Honduras.

As technology continues to change the world, it is essential that women have access to the same opportunities to explore, learn and thrive in the vast world of information and communication technology.

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