Grupo Milenio is an author who uploads dancing videos to TikTok

Sibelle Ferreira has many jobs. On the one hand, She is a teacher; But, on the other hand, he is only a fan star. However, the Brazilian recently rose to fame after a series of videos of him dancing in front of his class went viral.

With more than 9.6 million followers on TikTok last March, Cibelli uploaded a video to her account in which she is seen wearing a short green dress with a plunging neckline.All this in front of his class and supported by one of his students, who dances together.

It generated some critical and positive feedback from claimants It’s an inappropriate one, meaning those who promise to be free to do it in their class. Of course, the language teacher needs no flattery.

However, this is nothing more than a way he decided to create a better relationship between his classes, which helps him in his teaching process. Likewise, it makes clear that parents of its students approve of this type of interaction.

„One of my students invited me to dance with him, the class was very happy, and then other students started asking questions. I took advantage of the interaction and interest of the students to make my classes to a higher standard, Because students are more interested and enthusiastic. So I use it as a form of bonus,” he told Brazilian outlet G1.

„I see how well they feel and are very interested in the classes. Too Some parents comment that there is no need to remind them about classes because they are already excited. I know how difficult it is for younger students to focus. „I can bring them closer to teaching by leveraging their interest, their focus on social networking and technology-facing teaching,” he added.

WHO Sibelle Ferreira, Master Sensation on TikTok?

On her Instagram, she describes herself as a teacher, influencer, singer and entrepreneur. In an interview with the Brazilian press, he talked a little about his many careers.

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Graduated from the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) and Ferreira in Biology? He has won prizes in Mathematical Olympiads. Also, not only does she work at a language school teaching English, she also works at SIsn’t that your property? Finally, it sells adult content Fans only.

As a grown woman in need of extra income, I looked for other ways to make money. For example, my mother knows this and accepts it well. Every woman should also feel free and fulfilled with her body„, reveals.

Regarding the availability of his income, he reveals: School provides me with a safe and stable place. However, my social media content pays me more„.

According to her account, her experience abroad led her to obtain certifications and practice various languages. He also admits that he has integrated a friendship system with his students.

I lived in Australia for many years I attended an English language school and UTAS, an international school. I have two international certifications and did social work while living abroad. There I started helping Asians with English and also started teaching Portuguese„, account.


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