With this AI APP you can clone any singer’s voice

A social media user has shared via Instagram an Artificial Intelligence (AI) APP that allows cloning the voice of any singer. The tool allows anyone, within seconds, to reproduce the voice of another person or person.

In this sample, a web user explains how to clone Luis Miguel’s voice so he can sing an Ed Sheeran song. Added to the beta version of the app and it’s awesome.

Name of the page app.kits.ai And the steps to create the file are as follows: On the home interface, click Create Voice, then New Voice, and upload the document with the audio of the artist singing.

Next, select 300 epochs so that the sound can be heard well, and then the file will be converted by AI. After the previous steps, on the page you need to select My Voices and upload the song you want the cloned artist’s voice to sing for you.

The platform also offers an option to upload the audio recorded by the singer so that the AI ​​can convert it to the artist of choice. The tool allows both female and male voices and has the ability to change pitch.

All the AI ​​APP needs is a small sample of the human voice you want to mimic and it will learn instantly.

Day by day Artificial Intelligence (AI) enters with new functions ranging from creating images, audios, videos etc. Specifically, artists and users on the Internet share their content.

Over the years, artificial intelligence technology has advanced. More and more people are joining this event. Many companies are developing new AI tools for your distraction.

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