AdPlayer.Pro SaaS video ad technology company introduces major product enhancements

AdPlayer.ProThe international provider of SaaS digital video ad technology solutions has released significant feature upgrades to its flagship products.

That said, the official announcement highlights major improvements to the video ad server, including expanded Prebit partner integration options and enabled support for sending Google’s Publisher-Provided Identifier (PBIT) in bid requests.

According to Natalie Romankina, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro, the latter feature is part of the company’s current products to reject third-party cookies planned for 2025.

„We’re moving forward as our business partners adapt to the coming cookie-free future by providing them with the tools they need to maintain accurate video ad targeting. In particular, supporting Google’s PPID ensures that advertisers can maintain effective frequency capping of one-third across all platforms and screens. Party cookies no longer Not available,” he explained.

Additionally, the company has introduced updates to its InApp video advertising unit, which aims to smooth the integration of video ads into mobile apps.

As Ms. Romankina emphasized, in-app video advertising has pushed AdPlayer.Pro to invest more resources in developing the company’s mobile ad technology solutions beyond the gaming industry, especially in the last few years.

„Recently, we’ve updated our mobile SDKs. Now, we’re improving our dedicated InApp ad units, and mobile technology updates are coming in Q3 & Q4 2024,” he announced.

For more information about AdPlayer.Pro video ad player technology, please visit Or email [email protected].

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