With technology developed in Santa Fe, dairy farms will now be 4.0

A startup and a chamber of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the dairy chain developed a system of sensors to replace imports.

With the desire to abandon monitoring systems that have been importers until today, the company, which brings together suppliers of equipment and materials for dairy farms, has created a technology platform capable of transforming traditional dairy farming into 4.0.

There is a signature of innovation Argentina Chamber of Producers and Suppliers of Equipment, Inputs and Services for the Milk Chain (CAFIBEL) It set the objective of managing strategic funds to advance the technology and Rosario company Realizing SASA startup specializing in the development of custom sensors.

That was in November 2021 bis point The alliance between the tech entrepreneur and Cafypel has announced a contribution of nearly US$4 million. Santa Fe Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (Asactei) Within the framework of the Emprende EBT project, which requires co-investment of its own capital to develop a cloud platform for dairy monitoring and control. Now the goal is over.

We hope to start next month with the commercialization of the system, which includes a remote monitoring program with three operating parameters of the milking machines. “Those three parameters are vacuum level, vacuum pump capacity monitoring and milking equipment scoring curve and parameter,” he explained. William FerreroThe Managing Director of Cafypel has been in contact with Punto biz.

Key to the development of the technology was the interest of dairies and dairies in having local containers to index a dairy farm’s performance in real-time and remotely. „The first measurements made experimentally were fundamental in attracting many actors in the field to operate the system. There are even multinational companies dedicated to dairy farming that have already anticipated the need to connect the instruments,” said Ferrero.

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“Besides Sensify, two other suppliers associated with the Chamber were interested in the venture and we are talking about companies. Best milking equipment Rosario and La Gaviota milking machines based on El Trébol,” he explained.

The innovation allows the introduction of Dairy Farms 4.0 technology, where autonomous equipment communicates with each other, which is very useful for the primary dairy producer and technical services. A problem,” Ferrero added about the equipment advantage.

The combination of the sensors and the ECloud tool is called “CAFyControl+” and splits the profits 50% and 50% when marketing the camera and Sensify platform.

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