CNS: Pathology uses state-of-the-art technology for accurate diagnosis

La Paz, December 18 (Kelly Cruz, URGENTE.BO).- La Paz National Regional Health Fund dependent Hospital Obrero no. The latest technical equipment acquired by the pathological anatomy service of 1 made it possible to improve the quality of the diagnosis of the insurer and increase the coverage. These devices are designed to study diseases and what treatment is appropriate for that disease.

„We belong to the sub-diagnostic area, that’s what they call us, and we are important in many diagnoses made by the naked eye, and this test confirms and confirms my colleague’s suspicions. Surprisingly, the sooner we do it, the less time we spend in the hospital,” said Pathology Service. President Saúl Pedro Pantoja Vacaflor spoke.

Pantoja has been in office for five years and many positive changes have taken place during his administration. The National Health Fund (CNS) provided technical equipment that allowed the laboratory to strengthen its capacity, making it one of the most modern in the country and the only one in the department.

„Thanks to these devices, we improve our quality, because a better quality of any service than in previous years will allow us to detect all our cases adequately,” he explained.

The service has acquired six devices, most of which are digital and have artificial intelligence. „This (technology) makes it easier for us, because a technician was waiting all morning, no longer, these devices give warning signals in time for concentrations of substances,” he explained.

According to the doctor, there is a high demand for the services of the pathology department. They send different samples to the service from all parts to confirm the diagnosis. Microscopes allow doctors to diagnose various diseases. „You put the sample under a microscope and look and check for any disease.”

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The service is made up of at least 18 people, including technologists, biologists and doctors specializing in pathology. Equipment they have: slide scanner; microtomes; bain marie appliances; A tissue processor allows the process to be automated with a single cycle, with capacity for up to 200 samples and other sophisticated equipment.

Every day they receive 20 to 30 pathological anatomy exams and 60 cytology exams. With new technology in the area, waiting times have been reduced, with diagnoses being delivered in an average of four days.

“Here we have to process that little sample that they send us, we have to prepare the tissue, then cut it, do the staining, and it’s ready. The sooner we provide the inspection, the more the insured will benefit,” he pointed out.

Doctors, after placing the samples detected by the technology, can also provide guidance on proper treatment by noting the effect of the drug on the type of patient.

„Many times (a treatment) is usually given, but maybe it doesn’t have such a positive effect on the patient. (…) What we’re doing is actually saving lives and preventing the disease from getting worse,” he explained.

In addition, they will begin immunohistochemical tests to help diagnose diseases such as cancer. They are used to distinguish between types of cancer and conduct research on those bodies. „(For example) what are the factors that increase breast cancer in women,” he explained.

„Earlier, the service was procured due to non-availability of equipment, now we can carry out diagnostics with the stellar equipment provided by the company. We can know about the various tumors that appear,” he said.

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The immunohistochemistry team will support cancer patients in their diagnosis. „It’s a job that we plan very well and plan to contribute a lot to.”


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