The 2024 edition is presented with more exhibitors and more technology

More companies, more space, and an information pod are some of the new features this year at ExpoAgro, which will be held March 5 to 8 at the San Nicolas Property and Autodrome.
The region's largest open-air fair will feature more than 600 exhibitors, including 130 new companies. Compared to the previous year, the property will have 8,000 square meters more commercial space.
„We know that 2024 will be full of challenges, but there will also be opportunities to continue our growth,” said Diego Abdo, communications manager of Exponential, the company organizing the exhibition: „A very positive atmosphere and spirit is already felt.” Although we are aware of the situation in the country”
More than 12 public and private banking institutions will participate and will provide various special financing for the expo. Among them are Banco Province -main sponsor-, Banco Nacion -sponsor-; ICBC -international sponsor-, Banco Galicia -as sponsor-, Banco de La Pampa, Banco Macro, Banco Santa Fe, Banco Entre Ríos, Banco Patagonia, Banco Santander, BBVA, COMAFI and Credicoop.
There will also be a strategic input companies and Agtech space, which will house more than 30 startups, developers, entrepreneurs and universities.
To enhance the exhibitor and visitor experience, this year Expobot was presented, a virtual assistant that provides all information about the Expo via WhatsApp: program of activities, talks, location of exhibitors, gastronomic sector, livestock, machinery in the field, emergencies, among other topics.” Expobot those four Available 24 hours a day.

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