Will AI Kill Books? A technical expert answers

AI could put an end to printed books, according to this tech expert, who has proposed a new way of reading

This technologist ensures that the days of printed books are counted and offers a new reading format supported by AI.

AI is the hottest technology. In recent months, almost all companies have decided to bet on artificial intelligence in one form or another. The threat posed by automation through AI is enormous in many fields, but there is one that no one stops to think about, and that is books.

The form known as the book has undergone innumerable changes, and fortunately, it has survived them all. In fact, electronic books such as the Kindle posed the biggest threat to paper books, however, they coexisted without much trouble. Taking all this into account, Why would AI be problematic for books?

Books are counting their days and AI is to blame, says a technology expert

Peter Wang, inventor of ByScript, founder and CEO of the open source Anaconda Python platform, He said that books are counting their days. AI is key to deconstructing this design, which is as old as life itself.

His undisguised comment on X on Twitter has created a huge debate. Peter Wang represents the future Reading will focus on consuming informational content supported by AI Users can interact freely.

The name given to this type of content refers to „thanks” and „nails of thought”. This type of content is dynamic, interactive and combines different mediaCompletely departs from the simple text that books create.

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Peter Wang’s vision for the future of books focuses on consumption above all else. Information is an element and not a means. There are already fragments of thought that can be communicated to the reader, the concepts captured in books.

The books are now safe. The idea proposed by Peter Wang represents a radical paradigm shift that has no future in reading. Perhaps, at some point, „thanks” will come into play, but it is clear that they will not be for everyone.

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