When the Saudi prince booked economy class tickets for his 80 hawks | World news

A Saudi prince once decided to buy individual airplane seats for his 80 Falcons, and did just that.

Hawks in Flight: According to earlier reports, this incident took place in 2017.

Trust us, we hope we were joking but… the photo of the incident was widely shared on social media. According to earlier reports, there was an incident in 2017 where a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family booked every seat on a flight for his birds to travel comfortably and safely. The photo showed the hawks perched on the plane’s seats and securely strapped in.

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At the time, Reddit user Lenzu shared a photo of the birds, saying, “My captain friend sent me this photo. The Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 falcons (hawks).

The practice is actually quite common in the Middle East, with CN Traveler reporting that falconry—the sport of hunting prey with birds—has gained significant cultural and historical status in the region. This tradition dates back thousands of years and is part of Arab heritage and identity.

Qatar Airways reportedly allows a customer to carry a maximum of six Falcons on board, while Etihad Airways allows Falcons in the main cabin or as checked baggage, reports said. The falcon is also the national bird of the United Arab Emirates.

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