What to do with de Bruyne?

scout team Fantasy Premier League Pundits are debating what to do with Kevin De Bruyne (£10.4m), who scored 12 points with a goal and an assist in a 21-minute substitute appearance against Newcastle United on Saturday.

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Lee Banfield (@FPLFamily)

Come back with a bang! And with the incredible fixtures coming to Manchester City, I'd move to bring in De Bruyne, especially when most FPL managers have the money to spend on Mohamed Salah (£13.1m) and Son Heung-min (£9.7). m) away from international competitions.

The big question is what to do when Salah and Son return in a few weeks. But by then De Bruyne will have racked up plenty of FPL points.

Advice: Buy now

Ben Crabtree (@FC_CrabDogg)

I'd like to split buying De Bruyne Whatever decisions you make about Erling Holland (£13.9m), buy the Belgian soon. If KDB is in form when Holland returns, you'll need both, and it doesn't make sense to sell KDB to get him.

Advice: Buy now

Nick Harris (@WGTA_Nick)

There is a strong case for bringing De Bruyne in this week after his most recent performances. A number of managers such as Phil Foden (£8.0m) and Julian Alvarez (£7.0m) will also make triple man City more common in our FPL teams.

However, when Salah and son A couple of game weeks will see some tough decisions made on how best to budget and how Holland returns.

Advice: Buy now

Press (@Pras_FPL)

Despite the very strong temptation, the Newcastle match confirmed that De Bruyne is not ready to start matches (yet). Gameweeks 22 and 23 are tightly spaced, and with both fixtures in a double Gameweek 25, I prefer to wait two Gameweeks before committing such a large chunk of my budget to him.

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Advice: Don't buy yet

Mark McKettigan (@FPLGeneral)

Fixtures and minutes are the two main factors when I buy a player in FPL. Man City certainly have a double gameweek on the horizon, but we still can't count on De Bruyne for consistent minutes.

He's shown us that he can get points back in certain minutes, but I'll focus my picks on the 90-minute men for now. My suggestion is to leave the door open for him in Double Gameweek 25.

Advice: Don't buy yet

The Phillips (@FPLBlackBox_Az)

I was shocked to see that De Bruyne's ownership is now 14 percent. Last week, a player who told 841,000 managers he was only ready for a cameo against Newcastle was replaced. Well, what a cameo it was.

It's an absolutely plum fixture against Burnley next, but he's still building up fitness, which could mean he's restricted to another spot on the bench.

Advice: Don't buy yet

Sam Banfield (@FPLFamily)

De Bruyne turned the game around in the last 20 minutes against Newcastle in Gameweek 21. His 12 points made him the leading scorer in Gameweek so far. However, I am still cautious.

De Bruyne spoke at the end of the match about how he couldn't play at that level of intensity rather than the substitutes we've seen. So he's top of my watch list, but I'll wait to see how much time he gets before investing in the FA Cup tie against Spurs on Friday 26 January.

Advice: Don't buy yet

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