NBA Rumors: Second coach’s challenge will be considered if first wins

An NBA coach’s challenge could make a major change to the rule.

According to NBA’s Chris Haynes of TNT and Bleacher Report, the league’s competition committee is adopting a new rule next season.

The league implemented a coach’s challenge in 2019-20 and has been successful in challenging real-time calls that officials get wrong. Currently, coaches are only allowed one challenge per game, regardless of whether the challenge was successful or not.

Because of that stipulation, when a single possession changes the outcome of a game, coaches often save that challenge for the late game moments. However, adding a second challenge could open up the opportunity for coaches to challenge late-game calls on personal fouls, out-of-bounds calls, goal infractions, and more.

Haynes also said a „test run” of the two challenges could be used during the Summer League.

Coaches have long waited for the chance to argue calls against their players. Some calls, they believe, are detrimental to the game.

Warriors Head coach Steve Kerr recently spoke about the loss „Personal Request” The NBA should make a rule change to reflect the International Basketball Federation.

„If a referee deems a player to have fumbled, they call it a technical foul, and that’s too much of a penalty,” Kerr told reporters at Arena after Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

„So flopping has been removed from FIFA, and we have the ability to do the same in the NBA if we want to.”

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The NBA’s competition committee is also looking at in-game penalties that could address league-wide losing issues.

These long-awaited improvements could create an even better system across the league.

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