'We punch really hard' – the story behind Haas' strong start to 2024 and how they look to the next generation

How a good or bad decision affects 'everyone' in the team

Drivers may be one of the team's most general roles, but, like any other department, Haas has many employees who have a lot to do with the team's results. Watching the faces of the engineers and mechanics when the cameras switch to the team's garage after a good performance – or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, a bad outing – makes that clear.

From an engineer's point of view, Haynes admits that the results have a „big influence on everyone” in the team: „It really makes a difference when you come on Monday and it's a good weekend – we've got some points and that makes it all worth it.

„We're a small team. We punch as hard as we can. Everyone works flat out. Everyone has a lot of dedication to the program and the team and what we're trying to achieve.

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„It's not just a job. Going to the races on Sunday and getting the benefit is what drives most people to do it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here – think 'this is crazy' and go work somewhere else! There are much easier ways to make money than doing this. Because people love it. They do it.”

It's something Hines knows all too well. After working in a number of engineering roles in Formula 1 over the years – including strategy and race engineer – he now oversees different departments with a focus on the engineering side of the racing team and the modeling and R&D teams at Banbury.

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„The main role is to collect all the work that those teams are doing, make sure everything is in sync and everyone is working towards the same goals, and then give the race team direction on what we want to achieve throughout the weekend, whether it's set-ups, new parts, fixes, practice changes – we Anything that needs to be implemented,” says Haynes.

„When we come back from a race we review it. My job is to take all the feedback I get from the various teams and make sure the subsequent work addresses the key issues.

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