We enter the cherry farm with the most technology in the world

„The idea behind this project is based on my father's and my experience, we started growing cherries in pots in 2012. It is one of the most modern in the world, because cherries grow in pots, not in the ground, so they get everything. Water, from irrigation water through irrigation and fertilizers. Also, we are growing in a greenhouse, a greenhouse with a retractable roof, so we can open and close the roof, and the size of the greenhouse, and finally, we use a pruning system called a pergola, I think Producers in Chile „They know it, but it's a relatively modern method of pruning,” he said. Peter ClementA consultant to a Hungarian crop owner, in conversation Smartchery TV

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Productivity is very high and the aim is to enter the market with an early offer.

In a new chapter „Reports on Smartcherry” titled „Innovate or Die” Let us know that this futuristic orchard will cost USD 500,000 to establish per hectare. The European Union was involved in the project, allocating 50% of the total cost of resources, and the project was launched in late 2018-early 2019. The project was born after losing 95% of its owner in 2015, a storm product in his field; There he decided to take a productive turn and proposed growing in tanks.

Peter Kelmen will talk in detail about this incredible orchard and answer every question asked Journalist Carolina MakayaIn this we refer to:

– So it was created because they saw a need in the industry or because they saw an opportunity to experiment with something new?

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– Look, I think this project was created out of passion, so, first of all, I think it was the producer who decided to invest in this project. , this producer cultivated fruits on 70 hectares, a large farm, but in 2015, he had a lot of damage from a hailstorm, so he decided to develop a different method of producing fruits. The size of his farm, and his focus on high-value crops, work on those crops on a smaller acreage than in the past.

Fuente: SmartCery TV.

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