VP appreciates Saudi Arabia for continuously improving Hajj services

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Vice President Maruf Amin praised the Saudi Arabian government for its consistency in increasing services for Hajj pilgrims.

Amin expressed his appreciation during an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel on May 7, aired on his secretariat’s YouTube channel.

„I would like to appreciate the government of Saudi Arabia for providing additional Hajj quota for this year and for properly preparing the services including expedited visa issuance process,” he said in a press release quoted here on Saturday.

However, the vice president pointed out that Indonesia still needs a large number of quotas, as some of its prospective pilgrims have had to wait decades to finally make the pilgrimage.

„More allocations will reduce the waiting time, though only by several years,” he said.

Amin praised the well-maintained coordination between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, noting that the Saudi Haj and Umrah minister acknowledged Indonesia’s capacity to handle pilgrims.

„Since Hajj is a matter of transporting people in a short period of time, there is still room for improvement. I believe we are still facing brand new problems. So, we must work to prevent such incidents. Problems next year,” he affirmed.

The Vice President later drew attention to Madinah, praising the holy city’s rapid progress in developing infrastructure and facilities for Hajj.

„From my point of view, the growth of Madinah is the fastest in the world. And the city continues to improve with the construction of hotels, which provide more comfort to the pilgrims,” ​​he highlighted.

Amin also praised the efficient and well-run air transport services provided by Madinah and Jeddah airports which can handle aircraft landing every five minutes.

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„Serving a large number of Hajj pilgrims is not an easy task. So, thumbs up to the Saudi Arabian government for making continuous improvements in Hajj services every year,” he concluded.

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