Voters trust Starmer over Chung on the economy and foreign policy

The Department for Work and Pensions Secretary, Mel Stride, this morning urged ministers to rein in public sector pay amid high pay growth.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: „What’s really important is that the government does the right thing with fiscal policy and leans in to rein in wage growth, if possible, mainly in the public sector, just as the bank is doing its part on the monetary side with interest rates.

„The importance of that is very clear, because inflation impoverishes everyone, it hits the bottom particularly hard, and we are determined to continue to bear it down and halve the Prime Minister’s target of inflation by the end of this year.”

Asked if he still believed it was possible, Mr Stride replied: “Yes, I do, in fact if you look at most of the forecasters, I know it’s a rapidly evolving and changing situation, if you look at those forecasters they all suggest that’s where we’re going. But it won’t be easy…

„We are [need to] Do what my department does, which is to increase the labor supply, and we saw a lot of this in the figures this morning, particularly reducing economic inactivity.

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