Senegal’s lone developer is fighting to revive photography with film

DAKAR, July 11 (Reuters) – From a concrete jetty on Dakar’s sun-baked beach, Senegalese photographer Amy Saar clicks the shutter of her vintage Pentax camera and captures the glow of the horizon on color film purchased from the country’s only developer.

„Dakar looks great with some color films, because they really bring out the warm, vibrant colors,” Saar said, loading a new roll into the camera. „Movies are great in Africa because it’s usually sunny (and) very colorful.”

Char is part of a growing renaissance of analog photography enthusiasts in Senegal, fostered by Le Sel Studio in the capital’s Ouakam neighborhood.

Founded two years ago in owner Kevin Aubert’s apartment, Senegal’s only studio aims to rekindle the country’s love of craft through film sales and workshops.

After decades of declining interest, the global market for film cameras and equipment is expected to grow nearly 4% by 2029, according to a study published by Precision Reports in May.

Limited access to film and darkroom spaces hindered the ability of African photographers to participate in the global renaissance of film, although the craft played a significant role in the region’s post-colonial art history.

Aubert said Le Sel’s mission is not just to make film, but to teach photographers about the origins of the medium and show them that understanding the analog process can improve their digital expertise.

„When they see a picture of themselves shot for the first time, it’s always a treat.” Aubert led a workshop. „It teaches us a lot about the image, the way to see it and the way to manage it.”

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Aubert hopes to expand Le Sel into a larger space to house more workshops, exhibitions and even an in-house gallery. Meanwhile, local photographers like Eva Diallo are already showing work created in Dakar’s most prestigious art houses.

„The film process is much more conscious than digital or iPhone photos,” Diallo said during her solo exhibition at Tucker’s Galerie Cicely Fagouri. „From the moment you take the picture … and from the moment you put it on paper, it’s important to be aware of the time it takes.”

Written by Cooper Invein; Editing by Alison Williams

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