'RHONYC's Ubah Hassan Talks Bravo, Talbots and Dress for Success

On the 10th anniversary of Talbots' partnership with Dress for Success, longtime Talbots model and „Real Housewives of New York City” cast member Uba Haasan jumped right in to support this year's philanthropic campaign.

Born in Somalia, Hassan grew up in Canada and began modeling in New York. To date, Talbots shoppers and employees have raised more than $10 million for the nonprofit, which champions unemployed and underemployed women.

Hassan has modeled for the Talbots since 2015, but she worked with them for a few years before that. Hassan said that after being hired for the 2012 shoot, it was later determined that she was too thin and young. But the Talbots' team encouraged her to get back in touch in a few years when she felt more mature. She thought they were trying to be nice and told her agent not to charge the company for the two days she worked. But the Talbots insisted on paying her.

“Fast forward to 2015. I got a call to act and I didn't stop working with them. I am very lucky to work with this brand. It is a very women empowering organization. Many have worked there for 20 or 30 years,” Hassan said. „I really like this environment because it shows that the company really values ​​the people who work there.”

The same applies to the creative industry, including models, art directors, stylists and others. „It tends to create a very beautiful and meditative way of working. By seeing the same people all the time, you learn about their husbands, children, lives and holidays,” Hassan said.

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Talbots also celebrates birthdays, surprising models with birthday cake and drinks, she said. Bravo also marks the holidays by sending flowers, Tiffany trinkets, and „Andy.” [Cohen] She sent us a beautiful cashmere sweater that said 'I'm a housewife' or something like that. As for whether Haasan will be back on RHONYC, she said, “We don't know. They haven't told us anything yet.

Sometimes the funniest moments don't make it to the show, he said. “You have to tell the story and it's only 45 minutes [in each episode]..girls are really hilarious and funny,” he said.

„All the actors complain about the food and they want to eat,” said Haasan, who owned a cafe in Canada. Coming from the modeling industry, she said, „It was so refreshing to see women who were vocal, who loved to eat, and who were powerful.”

According to Hassan, the scariest part is not knowing what the final fix will be. „For example, you and I are talking now, but they can mute you, and people will only hear what I'm talking about. When I'm so nice to you, the audience might wonder why you're not talking to me.

So are the RHONYC cast members the same as the cut? Hasan said, “No, I don't feel that way at all. When we finished shooting, I missed the crew. I'd say, 'God, can you come over, can we have breakfast together? They come to eat croissants in the morning. I live alone so I was very happy when they came to my house.

Despite their on-air fights, Haasan said Erin Lichy is his favorite castmate and they enjoy spending time together. „Erin and I have some kind of soul connection. I love her laugh. She laughs a lot at my stupid jokes and how my English isn't that good. I love it when I make someone laugh. She absolutely loves me too,” Hassan said.

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Jenna Lyons is another favorite, she said.

Hassan, who came to America with $150 and made his own way in the world, said he admires self-starters and those who overcome challenges. The model, who is Muslim, said that some people did not accept her work, or that she was living in New York without marriage. However, the only thing he cares about is his mother's opinion, who has always been supportive, Hassan said. “As humans, our tongue is very powerful. My mother told me, 'Your words can heal or kill, so be careful.

It's another thing to get unsolicited comments from others. Addressing how he sometimes receives backlash on social media, Haasan said, “Anyone can message you. They use really bad words.… But I don't really listen to people's opinions until I'm doing the right thing.

On the other hand, meeting fans at BravoCon was the funnest thing he's ever done, he said. „Some girls came to me in tears saying that after seeing me and my mom, their relationships with their moms had completely changed,” Hassan said. „It was three days of pure laughter, banter, taking pictures, eating and meeting people.”

After visiting London earlier this month for a L'Oréal shoot, she returned to New York just in time to catch some New York Fashion Week shows and offer some dating advice on Valentine's Day at an event at Soho House. Hassan suggests screenshotting text messages from friends for further analysis: „He's not the one.”

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