’We Got Power’: Irish Kids’ Rap Video Goes Viral | Ireland

It’s called The Spark and heralded as the song of the summer – a viral sensation by a kid group in Ireland who shot the video in one day.

Since its launch on May 15, the song has amassed 8.6 million views and has been hailed as a drum’n’bass-beat masterpiece with infectious energy.

„The response has been amazing,” producer Gary McCarthy said Monday. „The energy and positivity of the kids has inspired people. It’s such a catchy song.”

Spark was created by the youth rap project Rhyme Island Cabin StudioA non-profit organization in Knocknaheeny, a suburb of Cork, in collaboration with Creative IrelandA government initiative to fund Gruinny na Nek, an annual celebration of youth creativity.

The song features 30 children aged nine to 12 from the neighborhood and a group living in a refugee shelter in Listoonwarna, County Clare.

Over two and a half high-octane minutes they dance, run and rap. „You think you can stop what we’re doing?” asks the opening lyrics. „I doubt it,” the artists declare. „We have the potential, and we’ll tell you about it. I’ve been looking for my spark, and I’ve found it.

A song is an anthem youth group (Youth Gathering), which hosts hundreds of free creative events for children and young people across Ireland. The initiative started in 2018 and will be held on June 15 this year.

Since national broadcaster RTÉ released the video, it has lit up the internet. „Music fans, have we got a brand new, totally infectious pop for you” America’s National Public Radio said. „Ready To Be The Song Of The Summer” Said the Irish CentralA news site based in the United States.

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The idea for the song began in March during one of Cabin Studio’s weekly workshops, said McCarthy, 38, a creative director who goes by the name GMC. „We wanted to work with something upbeat and put down a drum’n’bass track. We found the beat and started coming up with chant and chorus ideas.

The children created the chorus and first verse during the Easter camp, after which the teachers took the Direct Provision (accommodation and support of asylum seekers) materials to the refugee center in Listoonvarna, where more children helped complete it, McCarthy said.

The two teams teamed up to shoot the video in the cabin studio, on top of the 202 bus, in central Cork. Seán Downey, an author who goes by the name SwanIGuess, filmed and edited the video.

„We do things quickly. We do this all the time – new songs every week. It’s got to go a little further,” McCarthy said. It’s not a business plan. „We don’t want to make money out of it. If it makes money, we’d love to donate directly to Cabin Studio and Kids.

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