Van Beek and O’Dowd how cool the Dutch leaders are

Third Ryan – Has an impressive string of wins against strong opposition at global events, with progress overseen by Ryan Campbell and interim Ryan van Niekerk, before Ryan Cook was appointed. from Robot mentalityto do cruise, This time the Dutch Stronger together – A page put together beats the world, with a camaraderie that is better than the sum of its parts.

Van Beek and O’Dowd share similar sentiments on how the team is shaping up.

„We don’t have superstars, but when we get on the field, we play completely off each other and we’ve got this bond. Stronger together. It’s really no one that stands out,” Van Beek continues.

„We don’t have 15 fast bowlers and 15 spinners and 25 batsmen. It’s kind of similar guys and that’s great. They get the experience of the World Cups, but it’s just the depth and the need of the players. To make that tournament great, the guys are really leveling up their game. to confirm.”

O’Dowd revealed the performance levels of the 15 in a similar vein, pushing each other to continue their progress.

„There’s a lot of little things that we need to do, whether it’s fitness, whether it’s extra fielding, extra batting, anything like that,” he said.

„It’s doing the job, and I think we’ve been doing it for the last year and a half, going into India, and it’s continuing.

„It probably comes down to consistency. Consistency in games, consistency in the way we play, practice and always trying to get better (as a team).”

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